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How To Fix The Cracked Laptop Screen in Quick Easy Steps?

We handle all kinds of serious to minor laptop repairs in Dubai A cracked laptop screen is a common occurrence among the users especially with those who have the kids around. The laptop display screens being fragile are prone to crack easily even when coming into the slightest contact of a spiky object against the screen. While the laptop repair centers charge a substantial amount for the screen replacement, we have listed below the steps which can help you replace the screen all by yourself. For all major laptop repairs, approach VRS Technologies for high-quality repair services at affordable rates. How to...

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Why Should You Avoid Carrying Laptops During Travel?

We offer individual and bulk laptop rental in Dubai for travelers A first-time traveler or otherwise; traveling with a laptop definitely has a negative side to it. Agreed that laptop makes a good travel companion which helps you bide the long hours during the travel; however, when the risk is more, then the ideal option is to leave the laptop behind and seek the laptop on rent at your destination. Let’s discuss the various risks involved in case you do decide to carry your business laptop during travel. At VRS Technologies, we offer individual and bulk laptop rental in Dubai for...

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How can Interactive Touchscreen Rental Benefit the Education/Training Sector?

5 Benefits of interactive touchscreen rental in Dubai in the field of education The advent of touchscreen technology has brought a revolutionary change not just in the field of marketing and advertisement but has brought a positive shift in the education and training sectors. Moreover, the experts in the education sector believe that the interactive touchscreens will replace the whiteboards going forward. Though the large interactive touchscreens can actually have a positive impact in the field of education, the only hurdle which is sabotaging the widespread use of the touchscreens is the price factor of the interactive touchscreens in the present...

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How to Remove Virus from your Computer?

VRS Technologies tops the list in computer repair near me services in Dubai, UAE Before we get into how to get rid of the viruses or malware from your computer, the first and foremost step is to identify if your computer is attacked with one. More often than not, the viruses go undetected for a long period of time until a severe damage to the computer and the files is done. Hence, watching out for the warning signs which indicate the presence of the virus is utmost important. In case you are technically challenged, check for - computer repair near me,...

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How does 2018 MacBook Air Measure up This Time – Find Out Here

We are an enthusiastic MacBook rentals company in Dubai The best thing about Apple is that it does the revamps quite well. We are talking about none other than the new 2018 MacBook Air with Retina Display. The latest MacBook (aff)Air is fraught with all the good things you can expect, but, let’s find out what the reviewers have to say. Read along and check out all the goodies, the 2018 MacBook Air brings this time. Here at VRS Technologies, we offer all models of MacBook rentals Dubai at affordable rates. 2018 MacBook Air With better pixel density on the new display screen,...

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How to Choose the Right Sound System Rental for Outdoor Weddings

Basic requirements of sound system rental in Dubai Outdoor weddings are charming and beautiful. Beach weddings, rooftop weddings, garden weddings; outdoor weddings are becoming more common of late with people choosing innovative ways to celebrate their union with family and friends. And one of the most important factors for an outdoor wedding to be an out and out success is the booming sound system. At VRS Technologies, we provide the most advanced sound system rental dubai for every occasion at an economy price. Top Requirements for a Good Sound System Rental for an Outdoor Wedding Choosing the right sound system for an outdoor...

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Which Technology is the Best – LED Vs OLED?

We offer LED TV, LED Screen Rental in Dubai at VRS Technologies LED/LCD (light emitting diode/liquid crystal display) and the OLED (organic light emitting diode) are the two display technologies that are ruling the world of TVs and screens of late. Though LED TVs have been existing in the stream for a longer time and the OLEDs entered the market only in 2013, the OLED technology has garnered popularity very rapidly. But, should we consider buying technology which is proven and time-tested or should we adopt the latest entrant? Let’s see which technology is the winner with the information available. At...

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