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How to Remove Virus from your Computer?

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Before we get into how to get rid of the viruses or malware from your computer, the first and foremost step is to identify if your computer is attacked with one. More often than not, the viruses go undetected for a long period of time until a severe damage to the computer and the files is done. Hence, watching out for the warning signs which indicate the presence of the virus is utmost important. In case you are technically challenged, check for – computer repair near me, which can fetch you the most popular computer repair near me for quick virus removal. At VRS Technologies, we handle all kinds of computer repairs due to virus attacks, serious to simple hardware issues, anti-virus software installations, and many more for Windows laptops and Macs in Dubai.

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Signs that show that your computer is under a virus attack

Though the following are the telltale signs that your computer is most likely attacked by a virus, however, the presence of more than two signs is a clear indication of the presence of the virus.

  • Sluggish computer – However, a slow functioning computer could be for various reasons, like low disk space or too many startup programs while booting could also be the underlying factors behind a slow computer.
  • Pop-up messages – Pop-up messages that appear out of nowhere and are hard to dismiss could be one of the strong points indicating the virus presence.
  • Self-starting programs – With the presence of the virus, you might encounter programs starting on their own without your intervention.
  • You can hear the constant buzzing of the hard disk at work.

With the help of the above signs, if you are convinced of the virus attack, the following steps will help you in getting rid of it quickly.

Steps to remove the virus

1. Enter Safe Mode: Switching off and then switching on will get the computer boot again. Pressing F8 several times will take you to Advanced Boot Option. Choosing Safe Mode will get the system boot with the internet disconnected.

2. Delete Temporary Files: Follow the steps to delete the temporary files from the system.

  • Go to ‘Start Menu’.
  • Select ‘All Programs’.
  •  ‘Accessories’
  • Select ‘Disk Cleanup’
  • In ‘Files to Delete’ list, select ‘Temporary Files’.

3. Download and Run Virus Scanners: There are two types o scanners- real-time scanner and the on-demand scanner like Microsoft Safety Scanner.

  • Real-Time scanner: This is the scanner you need to download from the internet, which means you have to reconnect to internet, download and run the scanner which runs in the background while the computer is at work.
  • On-demand scanner: This scanner triggers into action if the user purposefully runs the scanner.
    Running both the scanners can effectively remove the viruses from the computer.

Removing the virus manually

Sometimes, removing the virus manually is required. However, the user is expected to have knowledge in handling Windows Registry and dealing with viewing and deleting program files. Else, you can contact the skilled IT professionals like VRS Technologies for manual removal of stubborn viruses.

Contact VRS Technologies for top computer repair Dubai at +971-55-5182748 for or visit our website for more information.

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