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How to Fix 3 Most Common Laptop Repairs All By Yourself?

We are a qualified laptop repair service providers in Dubai

A PC breakdown for even for a short period can be taxing especially if you are in the middle of making an important submission to a client. However, being electronic goods, we cannot rule out minor obstructions cropping up every now and then in form of breakdowns. While for larger computer repairs, approaching a professional makes more sense; for minor fixes, a tech-savvy user can fix the issues with little or no guidance. At VRS Technologies, we provide authentic laptop repair services in Dubai, apart from which we also deal with Macs, iPads and desktop repairs.

Listed below are the top 3 fixes for minor to medium breakdowns

Laptop Repair Dubai

1. Cracked Laptop Screen:

Laptop screens are vulnerable to cracks very often. As simple as shutting the laptop screen down with a bang can cause a cracked display.

How to fix it:

If it is just a hairline crack on the screen, you can easily continue working on it for the time being. However, if it is causing any hindrance to work like obstructing the clear view of the display, then to manage things, you can connect the laptop to the external monitor by means of the HDMI cable. On the contrary, if the display screen has a major crack, and has to be replaced; either you can approach a trusted laptop repair center near you or fix the display screen all by yourself.

Check how to fix a laptop screen here.

2. Recovering an important file:

A file accidentally getting deleted from your computer is though, a matter of concern, a system file going missing from your computer can be critical as it can affect the performance of your system.

How to fix it:

• The first thing to do if a file is accidentally deleted from your system is to check the Recycle Bin. In case there are a lot of files in the Recycle Bin, right-click inside the window -> select ‘Sort By’->Click on ‘Date Deleted’. This action will bring up the most recently deleted files on the top from where you can recover the accidentally deleted file.
• In case the above step doesn’t work, you can use the recovery tool like Recuva to recover the lost file.
• If all the attempts until now fail, and if you are a Windows 7 user, you have the advantage of restoring it from the backup as Windows 7 automatically creates a backup of all the files. However, if your OS is Windows 8, you should turn on the feature called the ‘File History’ to have a backup of all the files.

To recover the file in Windows 7, you have to go to Windows Explorer, identify the folder that has the file in question, and then click ‘Restore Previous’.

A list of folder backups in the order of date modified will be displayed. Click on the last file you modified before deleting it and select ‘Restore’.

In Windows 8, if you did manually turn on the File History feature, clicking the ‘Restore Personal Files’ option can help you recover the file.

3. Accidental Spill of Fluids:

This is one of the issues every laptop user faces, especially if they have a kid at home. Liquids damage the laptops very quickly. The first and foremost step should be to get the computer into the powerless state as soon as possible. For this, you have to cut off the power supply, unplug the laptop, and then remove the batteries.

How to Fix it:

Se that the liquid doesn’t get anywhere near the display screen. Hold the laptop in the slanting position such that all the liquid accumulates to one side. Mop it with a lint-free cloth. Next, try to disassemble the laptop if you are good at it, else, you can approach the qualified technician and have it fixed. The next step should be to get all the keys clear of the liquid, especially if the spilled liquid is a sticky one.

Once the PC is powerless, taken apart, and cleaned, wait for some time until all the components are completely dried. This can take from a couple of days to a week. Try turning on the computer after assembling it. A prayer and a positive thought combined with your effort can work in your favor to have the computer up and running.

At VRS Technologies we handle all kinds of laptop repairs in Dubai; we a certified repair center for Apple products as well. For A-Z laptop repairs in Dubai, approach VRS Technologies at +971-55-5182748 or visit us at

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