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Biometric Access Control Systems and Services Dubai

The Biometric Access Control System secures, monitors the attendance control system professionally which predominantly uses the fingerprint as the method of authentication to grant the access.

The fingerprint access system has been profoundly implemented in many areas which are strictly meant for providing security.

The F18 series of fingerprint access system:

VRS Technologies offers F18 Finger Print Access Control System, which accommodates the fastest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm with the following add-ons.

  • ZK High Performance
  • High-Image Quality
  • Infrared Detection Fingerprint sensor
biometric services in dubai

The device comes with the following features:

  • The fingerprint has built-in capability with the fastest and concern accurate algorithms which can diagnose the fingerprint recognition in 1 sec, capacity to store 3000 finger print templates and accommodate 30,000 transactions.
  • VRS Technologies in Dubai, UAE have been extensively using the Wiegand interface for both input and output which extensively used for the access control system and also provides network interface for TCP/IP or RS485.
  • The device comes with easy operation and the maneuvering features with built in 4X4 keypads, doorbell, built-in USB port which allows manual data transfer.
  • The device seamlessly connects to the web-server, built-in interface for the 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, exit button and alarm
  • Since decades, VRS Technologies in Dubai, UAE; successfully able to secure, monitor and then completely administer the client’s facility with a professional biometric access control system services for various corporate organizations and the business establishments in large.

Biometric Services from VRS Technologies, boosts of having a massive experience in handling various types of bio metric services.

VRS Technologies in Dubai offers complete range of biometric services for various business enterprises that are keenly looking forward for the biometric access control systems, which aims to provide high security. These Biometric Services ensure that only the authorized personnel are able to enter into their work premises.

Further, these access controls could even generate the daily reports, integration of the attendance tracker, payroll systems and plenty of other features.

VRS Technologies offering unmatched biometric based attendance system

  • VRS Technologies range of biometric based attendance system brings about the seamless solutions for the attendance system.
  • VRS Technologies has always been very pro-active in bringing about the best of the technology in collaborating the biometric services to generate attendance reports of the employees to the HR team.

VRS Technologies takes Biometric Services towards securing the Data Centers

  • Data Center has been a facility, which maintains the computer system’s specific components such as the data storage and associated components.
  • They manage the database of multiple clients’ data, since they handle the crucial data, these data centers have to be meticulously handled so as to avoid any illicit access.
  • VRS Technologies have played a key role in securing these data centers with its range of biometric services.

VRS Technologies as the pioneers in securing the manufacturing companies through biometric services using the RFID Technology

  • VRS Technologies has been successfully providing security solutions to the manufacturing companies. They secure the research & development (R& D) laboratories through the use of RFID technology.
  • VRS Technologies has been an industry leader in ensuring the security and the maintenance for the manufacturing companies; we implement the RFID technology in the manufacturing company so that through RFID’s entire manufacturing plant is secured.

VRS Technologies has a robust biometric access control system towards the fingerprint attendance system and GPS Tracking.

It has always been a challenge for the oil and petroleum based companies to monitor the employee’s attendance and reporting structure constantly.

  • The intention in having a biometric finger-printing attendance system and GPS tracking system has always benefitted the companies in having the attendance of the employees at the site locations and GPS tracking system to properly track the employees, further enabling to assess the real-time location.
  • VRS Technologies has played a key role in providing the excellent tracking facility through their robust biometric services and the meticulous GPS Tracking system.

VRS Technologies Dubai, UAE offers wide range of Biometric services, to know more about these services, you can call us at +971-55-5182748 / 052-7468085.


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