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How does 2018 MacBook Air Measure up This Time – Find Out Here

We are an enthusiastic MacBook rentals company in Dubai

The best thing about Apple is that it does the revamps quite well. We are talking about none other than the new 2018 MacBook Air with Retina Display. The latest MacBook (aff)Air is fraught with all the good things you can expect, but, let’s find out what the reviewers have to say. Read along and check out all the goodies, the 2018 MacBook Air brings this time. Here at VRS Technologies, we offer all models of MacBook rentals Dubai at affordable rates.

MacBook Rentals Dubai

2018 MacBook Air

With better pixel density on the new display screen, Touch ID, T2 security chip, a larger trackpad on a compacter MacBook Air; the reviewer at The Verge still says that it might not be enough. Let’s quickly see why?

  • Apparently, 2018 MacBook Air has the pricing issues. With $100 more, you can as well get the beast – 13-inch MacBook Pro, which offers better performance with a more powerful processor.

On the other hand, it is not an apple to apple comparison at all, especially if we take the age of MacBook Pro into consideration.

  • The issue with the USB-C ports is said to be another pinching factor. The 2018 Air comes with a single USB-C port apart from the power port. This basically means that you have to use an adapter to enjoy other connections like charging your iPhone etc.

On the bright side, your desk looks super clean with only one cable coming out of your computer other than the power cable, and the presence of the headphone jack is satisfying.

  • The brightness of up to 300 nits is another factor which is apparently not going down well with the users. More often than not you will find yourself pushing the upper limit of brightness to adapt to the brighter surroundings, which in turn can affect the battery output.

The better part is, however, the Retina display with a pixel resolution of 2560×1600, which inarguably makes the image look sharp and beautiful.

The lack of touchscreen yet, while the non-Apple laptops are basking in the glory well-equipped with touchscreen technology, and the dismal improvement whatsoever on the performance speed front are another couple of drawbacks the new 2018 MacBook Air is reported to have.

On the upside…

While those were the aspects on which the users might have to compromise, there are also features like the new Touch Id which takes the 2018 MacBook Air experience a notch higher.

  • The Touch Id which is incredibly accurate and fast is a thoughtful addition. The Apple’s T2 chip which basically powers the Touch Id helps in keeping the entire laptop safe by securing the fingerprints; it turns off the microphone in the MacBook once it is closed, and encrypts the SSD as well.
  • Speaking of the betterments, the larger trackpad which is way bigger than the previous version makes the life easier, especially with the “Force Torch” feature. This feature enables you to press down at any point on the trackpad and the mouse-click is triggered.
  • The overall build quality has seen much improvement as compared to the previous version with the same screen size fitting into the much compact 2018 Air.

At VRS Technologies, we are avid fans of Macs, MacBooks, iPads, and any other Apple products. Keep following us in our blog section if you happen to be one. Contact us for MacBook Rental Dubai or for more information on the latest MacBooks at +971-55-5182748 or visit our website

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