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LED and LCD TV Rental Services in Dubai

VRS Technologies have been the one-stop solutions for LCD TV and LED TV in Dubai, UAE, as we deliver a high quality range of LCD and LED Tv Rental Dubai, UAE.

  • As a business entrepreneur, are you looking forward for an LCD and LED devices to enhance your business promotions in a smarter way?
  • Are you the one in the search of few later versions of LED and LCD’s which could in fact cover technical events or the conferences?

LED TV Rental Dubai


Under these circumstances, if you are finding it quite cumbersome to decide the service provider who could assist you with the latest and the most updated collection of LED and LCD TV’s on a rental basis, just bank on us for the same as we provide the premium services for the same in Dubai, UAE.

VRS Technologies have always spearheaded in bringing the smart and effective solutions for our esteemed clients toward the LED Tv rental Dubai, UAE and towards this, we take the reputation in the market of being the premium rental service providers in LED TV across the landscape.

VRS Technologies boost itself in having the following:

  • Updated Stocks

We have an exhaustive stock of LED TV’s at our end and is quite capable of handling any further bandwidth in the supply of LCD TV once a volume requirement comes in.

  • Accessories

Accessories have always been an add-on component list which gets included along with the LED and LCD Tv’s such as the speakers, DVD, VCD and the wireless mikes etc.

As a part of our product deliverables, we offer the following LCD and LED Tv Rental Dubai

Visual Components:

  • Touch Screen Displays
  • LED/LED TV’s
  • Plasma and LCD Panels

Audio Components:

  • Speakers
  • Mike Systems
  • DVD & VCD players

TV Rental in Dubai

Our tenure for a rental system toward LED and LCD TV’s completely relies on the expectation of the customer’s prolonged use which normally lasts from one year to a maximum 5 years.

Technical Support wing at VRS:

Apart from the renting out of LED and LCD TV’s, we have a unique prominence in the market and which has been our Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in the market is to constantly support our esteemed customers with technical bottlenecks, our strategy has always been to resolve the technical issues at the earliest turnaround time (TAT).

Technical Support Team at VRS

With our years of expertise and decades of experience in handling LED and LCD TV’s in Dubai, UAE we have become the preferred vendors for many corporate of serving them with pre & post installation services.

Our technical in-house teams are always updated with reference to the evolving technology and have been constantly instrumental in the implementation of the same at the client side, which has brought the laurels in the customer’s expectations with us.

If you are in the plan to have a product launch, wherein you are trying to have an inclusion of both the AV systems for rent, do bank on us for the same. Please call us on +971-55-5182748 / 052-7468085, so that our technical expert team would revert back to you with the solutions you require.

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