Network Storage and Backup Solutions in Dubai

VRS Computers provides latest, reliable, and affordable network storage and backup solutions to the organizations in Dubai and UAE.

Advanced Network Storage and Backup Solutions from VRS Computers

The cyber threats in the modern world with advancement and integration of technology is tremendously increasing, leaving the corporate organization, especially, function at higher levels at risk. This emphasizes on a need to find strong and perfect network storage and backup solutions, so that you are safe in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

VRS Computers, with the objective of protecting your corporate from potential threat of losing data or simply to enable you store huge amount of data, provides professional network storage and backup solutions in Dubai and UAE. With our diverse line of products, we can firmly handle any amount of data safely and offer you devices that keep data for you safe and sound.

Reasons to choose VRS Computers for network storage and backup solutions

  • Our services feature Buffalo NAS, Windows Storage Network and Storage Area Network to provide bulk and fast solutions
  • Our network storage and backup solutions range from network attached storage to storage area networks
  • We guarantee taking only less time to solve your network issues and with 100% efficient results
  • Our Network Attached Storage features a reliable IP networking environment, which suits home and business needs
  • We are partnered with Buffalo America Inc, which is the credit and a great advantage to share and backup files from multiple users within your network
  • Our Buffalo NAS is compatible with PC and Mac

Key Highlights of Our Network Storage and Backup Solutions

  • We provide advanced and high performing solution from sophisticated threats
  • Our network solution features Next-Gen appliances for high end solutions
  • We take the efforts to simplify your IT infrastructure through our wide range of technology tools including application security and management and network access such as Wireless LAN
  • Our network management includes centralized device management, log and reporting, cloud-based management, unified risk management, IP Video/ surveillance systems / phone systems and network testing

If you are not sure of what best suits your requirement, talk to our executives to get customized solutions. We are sure, VRS Computers’ network storage and back-up solutions will cater to your specific needs. Call us right now!

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

This is a simple yet reliable IP networking environment suitable to homes, small and medium sized businesses. As a storage solution it provides value addition to storage needs of multiple users. The benefit of network storage is it can be centrally managed and does not require technical assistance to deploy. We at VRS technologies are partners with Buffalo America Inc. and provide the best in class storage solutions. Buffalo NAS will enable you share and back up files from multiple users within your network. It is compatible with both Mac & PC.

Buffalo Class Storage Solutions

NAS for Home & Small Office

 LinkstationLinkstation 200Linkstation ProLinkstation 400
Number of Drives 1,2 1,2 1,2, 4 & Diskless enclosure 1,2, & Diskless enclosure
Capacity Range 1-6 TB 2-8 TB 2-12TB 2-8TB
Performance 41.5 MB/s 73 MB/s upto 76 MB/s 100 MB/s
CPU 600 MHz 800 MHz 1.6 GHz 1.2 GHz
Memory 64 MB DDR2 256 MB DDR3 256 MB DDR3 512 MB DDR3
USB Accessory Port        
Active Directory        
Suitable Uses Home Home Home/small office Home/small office
Buffalo NAS system        

Storage Area Network

For users with sophisticated storage requirement Storage Area Network is the ultimate choice. It consist of iSCSI solution which is affordable and cheaper than Fiber channel systems. These network storage solutions come with backup, recovery and archiving solution which is an added benefit of this service.

Professional & Business Class

 TerrastationTerrastation 3000Terrastation 5000Terrastation 7000
Capacity Range 2-16 TB 4-16 TB 2-32 TB 8-72 TB
Hard Drive Configuration Desktop: 2, 4 Rackmount:4 Desktop:4, Rackmount:4 Desktop:2,4,6,8 Rackmount:4 Rackmount:4,12
CPU 800 MHz Dual Issue ARM 1.3 GHz Dual Core ARM Intel Atom Processor ( Upto 2.13 GHz Dual Core) Intel Xenon Processor E3-1275 (Upto 3.4 GHz Quad core)
Software System Terrastation NAS system Terrastation NAS system Terrastation NAS system Terrastation NAS system
Memory Upto 512 MB DDR2 1 GB DDR3 2 GB DDR3 Upto 8 GB DDR3
Device Failover support        
iSCSI support        
Video Surveillance Management   Upto 5 cameras Upto 10 cameras Upto 50 cameras
Antivirus Support        

Windows Storage Server

 Terrastation Pro WSSTerrastation 5000 WSS\
Capacity Range 2-12 TB 4-24 TB
Hard Drive Configuration Desktop:2,4,6 Rackmount:4 Desktop:2,4,6 Rackmount:4
CPU Intel Atom Processor D510 (1.66 GHz Dual Core) Intel Atom Processor ( Upto 2.13 GHz Dual Core)
Software System Windows storage server 2008 R2 Windows storage server 2012 R2
Memory 2 GB DDR2 4 GB DDR3
iSCSI Target/Initiator    

Fast and Bulk Network Storage & Backup Solutions Dubai

The main purpose of the backup solution is to provide data recovery in case of loss or corruption of the existing data. With the advent of progressive growth of IT businesses data backup has become pivotal for establishments to safe guard production data. It is hereby essential for establishment to accomplish data backup at lower costs with minimum resources. VRS technologies provide integrative solutions uniquely designed for your requirement. We provide cost effective packages which include installation assistance and consulting services. Come see us today to discuss your requirement and get a free quotation.

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