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When is it Time To Replace your Existing Laptop with a New Laptop?

We offer laptop rental services in Dubai; we upgrade the laptops or replace with the latest technology during the rental period…

It’s always a tough decision to make when you want to replace your existing laptop with a new one. One, for the psychological factors; you are already used to the existing laptop that replacing it with a new one might seem like a pain in the neck. Next, the issues might seem very trivial that upgrading seems to be an easy solution. But, believe it or not, sometimes a simple laptop replacement can turn out to be a welcome change than to face a handful of day to day minor issues. At VRS Technologies we offer individual to bulk laptop rental for businesses, students, schools, tradeshows, conferences etc. Also, we offer free upgrades to the existing laptops as well as replace them with latest technology laptops during the rental period.

Laptop Rental Dubai

When to upgrade your existing laptop? 

Need more storage capacity

In case, you need more storage space, all you need to do is get an external hard disk and attach it to your laptop by means of the USB port. Else, you can always replace the internal hard disk with a new hard disk with more capacity. However, the latter option is a slightly expensive alternative.

Bad display screen

When you display screen is broken or simply the display is bad, follow our blog on how to replace the broken screen of the laptop here.

The laptop doesn’t charge

Replacing the entire laptop just because our laptop doesn’t charge is an exaggeration of the situation. The issue could begin with adapter, cable, batteries, etc.. Check for the issues and have them replaced for the proper functioning of the laptop.

Better OS

Replacing a laptop for a better OS is once again overkill. Upgrade it to a newer version of OS, provided the laptop meets the requirements of the OS like the RAM, Hard Drive space, CPU performance etc.

In case, it doesn’t and you are bent upon needing the better OS, then the only option left is to replace the laptop.

Missing CD/DVD drives

This is no case for replacement at all. All you need to do is buy an external optical disc drive which can be connected to your laptop using USB and tap the need of CD/ DVD drive.

What are the ideal situations to replace a laptop?

Sluggish laptop

There are two primary reasons why a laptop could be slow – CPU and the RAM; where the CPU is the hardware and the RAM is the memory component. Both of these could essentially lead to sluggish computer performance. Upgrading a laptop for better CPU, however, is a challenge while the memory component can be handled to a certain extent.

Approach your nearest laptop service center for upgrading the RAM

However, before you actually replace your laptop, try out these simple tricks for better performance.

  • Check the free hard disk space, the more space, the better is the performance.
  • Delete the junk/temporary files.
  • Defragment your hard drive.
  • Scan for possible malware presence.

Hard Drive doesn’t work

This is an ideal case of replacing the laptop; however, it is ideal to check if the hard drive is beyond repair. Run a free hard drive test to check for any possible problems with the hard drive.

Sometimes, the hard drive is in a perfect condition but throws error messages because your system was set up to ‘boot to flash drive’ every time your computer starts and hence is not booting to allow you to access the files.

Want the latest technology laptop

If your intention is to experience a newer laptop with the latest technology, then go ahead and get one. Don’t let anyone stop you.

Contact VRS Technologies for latest laptop rental in Dubai or for more information at +971-55-5182748 or visit our website

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