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How to Choose the Right Sound System Rental for Outdoor Weddings

Basic requirements of sound system rental in Dubai

Outdoor weddings are charming and beautiful. Beach weddings, rooftop weddings, garden weddings; outdoor weddings are becoming more common of late with people choosing innovative ways to celebrate their union with family and friends. And one of the most important factors for an outdoor wedding to be an out and out success is the booming sound system. At VRS Technologies, we provide the most advanced sound system rental dubai for every occasion at an economy price.

Sound System Rental Dubai

Top Requirements for a Good Sound System Rental for an Outdoor Wedding

Choosing the right sound system for an outdoor wedding is twice as hard as an indoor wedding. Within indoors, the sound bounces back, whereas at an outdoor wedding the sound is carried away by the wind. Therefore, you need to take extra precautions for successful sound effects at your wedding, especially if the venue is close to the busy roads; you will have to take the traffic pollution into account as well.

3 Basic Requirements of an Ideal Sound System Rental for Outdoor Wedding

1. Plan for at least 2 mics: A minimum of two mics are definitely required. While one should be a clip-on mic which should be clipped to the wedding priest’s collar. This mic should suffice to pick the vows taken by the bride and the groom as well.

The other mic is for the rest of the attendees to make any speeches/announcements at the wedding which goes on the stand.

2. Speakers: The speakers should go behind the curtains as they do not look attractive in the photos or videos taken during the course of the wedding. Identify the number of guests that are likely to turn up for the wedding. If the number is more than a hundred guests, talking to the technicians can help you place the number of speakers to enable the guests to clearly hear the vows and the pronouncements made by the priest.

3. Technician: If you plan for DJ services or otherwise at the wedding, asking for a technician from the sound equipment rental company makes more sense as he knows inside of operating the equipment. A heavy gust of wind can produce a jarring effect while using the mic. To avoid any mishappenings, a sound engineer by your side can do more good than not.

At VRS Technologies, we offer an exclusive range of sound equipment for every use. Our sound systems are thoroughly checked by the sound engineers for the highest standards of sound quality at your wedding. For pricing, and more details contact us at +971-55-5182748 or visit our website

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