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What are the Top 10 Tips for MacBook Pro Beginners?

MacBook’s are high-end laptops that increase productivity and offer a smooth user experience.

They have a long-lasting battery life, user-friendly navigation features, extra storage space, and compatibility with other external devices.

The powerful processor helps to accomplish tasks faster and with ease.

MacBook Pro for beginners will find it a little bit confusing if they are used to working on Windows laptops.

Knowing about a few MacBook Pro tips will help to use the device efficiently.

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10 Useful MacBook Pro Tips for Beginners:

  • Split View: The Split View feature of Mac help users to perform multitasking. Multiple programs running simultaneously on the screen helps users to work efficiently. Changing the size of the windows and shifting the programs to run alongside each other helps to work without any problem.
  • Voice control: MacBook Pro allows users to use Voice controls to perform tasks by speaking aloud and giving instructions instead of typing everything. This feature is available in the System Preferences under the accessibility option of the MacBook Pro. It saves valuable time for users and also acts as a shortcut for beginners.
  • Clean screenshot: The Shift+Command+3 in MacBook Pro allows users to take a clean screenshot of the whole page. Shift+Command+4 allows one to choose a selection of the screen. This command allows users to select a small part of the screen to be captured. It is a unique and awesome feature of the MacBook Pro.
  • Easy to share between Apple devices: It is easy to share files saved on MacBook Pro with other Apple devices. Right-click on the file, select the share option and click on Airdrop. It will immediately share the document to the Apple device that is within the range. Photos, pdfs, videos, and files can be easily transferred saving time.
  • Spotlight: The Spotlight feature of the MacBook Pro allows users to search for information regardless of whether it is saved on the MacBook or available on the web. Press Alt+Space to bring a search bar in the middle of the screen and type whatever is required. It will find them within seconds.
  • Multi-touch gestures: Another unique feature of the MacBook Pro is the multi-touch trackpad. It supports multi-touch gestures making it easy for users to work efficiently. Actions like zoom-in and zoom-out are possible with the multi-touch trackpad.
  • Thunderbolt: MacBook Pro comes with two thunderbolt jacks to plug in external storage devices.
  • Emoji’s: The Control+ Command+ Space hotkey in MacBook allows users to include Emoji’s while typing.
  • Launchpad: Going to System Preferences –Keyboard- Shortcuts – Launchpad and Dock assigns a keyboard shortcut for Launchpad. Launchpad helps to find all the apps installed on the MacBook Pro.
  • Personalize menu bar: The menu bar can be dragged anywhere on the screen. Apps can be added or removed using the dock option.

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