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What is Resistive Touch Screen? How Long does it Work?

What is a resistive touch screen?

A resistive touch screen displays content when pressure is applied to the screen. It is made up of two resistive-coated transparent sheets that are separated by a small air gap. These sheets are pressed together upon any contact made to the surface of the touchscreen. Each sheet is made of horizontal and vertical lines that allow registering the precise location of the touch.

Touch Screen Rental Dubai

A touch screen registers the contact from any object, whether it is a finger, stylus, pen, or palm. Resistive touch screens are passive technologies. They work with electromagnetic energy transmitted from an RFID reader.

Benefits of Resistive Touch Screens:

Cost-effective: Resistive Touch screens are a cost-effective option for companies as they provide a greater impact on the potential customer. They are compatible with other devices allowing them to display highly engaging content stored on these devices.

Easy to integrate: Resistive touch screens are easy to integrate into the network system with the Wi-Fi connectivity feature. They are flexible to display dynamic content with a high-resolution screen display.

Multi-touch: The multi-touch feature of the resistive touch screens allows users to browse faster, open multiple tabs and perform multitasking. Resistive touch screens allow to performing touch commands using two or more simultaneous points of contact.

Withstand adverse weather conditions: Resistive touch screens are resistant to dust, moisture, and humidity.

Activate with any object: Any object that applies pressure to the resistive touch screen will trigger an action on it. This property of the touch screens is useful in industrial and medical fields where the touch screens need to be operated using gloves.

No shattered glass risk: Resistive touch screens are made of a tough polycarbonate outer layer, which can contain shattered glass in case the LCD screen is cracked.

Less responsive to stray stimuli: Resistive touch screens do not show any response to stimuli caused due to liquid spills, snow, or snow contaminants. It is, therefore, suitable for outdoor and industrial environments.

Low power consumption: Resistive touch screens consume less power and are therefore a reliable tool for use during events and tradeshows.

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