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LED vs LCD: What’s the Best Video Wall Solution?

How do LED Video Walls work?

The LED video wall consists of tiny lightbulbs that emit coloured lights to create full-colour pixels that produce an image.

LED panels do not have bezels and hence, are suitable to tile them together to create a video wall of any size.

Modules can be arranged to form displays of different sizes, including televisions and movie screens.

Each LED consists of tiny lightbulbs that emit coloured light when a certain voltage is applied to it. Clusters of red, green, and blue diodes are grouped to create the full-colour pixels needed to produce an image. Displays with very small LEDs and fine pixel pitch will produce higher resolution than displays with larger LEDs and a larger pixel pitch.

LED video walls are used for –

  • Large scale digital signage.
  • Control rooms.
  • Network operations center.
  • Visualization labs.

Video Wall Rental Dubai

Difference Between LCD and LED Video Walls:

The main difference between a LED video wall and an LCD video wall is that LED displays use light-emitting diodes whereas LCD has fluorescent displays.

There are two types of LED backlighting technologies; edge lighting and full array lighting.

LEDs have better picture quality compared to the LCDs.

LED video walls consume less energy compared to the LCDs. They are considered eco-friendly as they emit less radiation.

The thickness of the screen of a LED video wall is much lesser when compared to the LCD video wall. LED video walls come in sleek designs and offer an immersive viewing experience to users.

LED video walls are suitable for outdoor displays as they come with waterproof technology. LCD video walls lack this feature and are hence suitable only for indoor display.

LED video walls are light-weight that makes it easier to install and configure them in any desired shape.

LED videos walls are more reliable than LCD video walls. They can withstand a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels and the expected lifespan of most LED displays is similar to that of LCDs.

VRS Technologies LLC provides the latest LED Video Wall Rental Dubai for various events. Our Video Walls are well-maintained and advanced technology devices.

Our experienced team of technicians install the Video Walls with proper planning, designing, and implementing the installation process with all the necessary detailing through creative content for the convenience of our esteemed customers.

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