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Top 3 Tips For Quick Laptop Repair

VRS Technologies, an easy solution for all kinds of Laptop repair Dubai

It turns out to be a nightmare for many when our computer refuses to start. However, we should acknowledge that it is our abuse of the laptops that they give away after a certain point in time. We run to the laptop repair centers to get it fixed. But, how reliable are they, is the big question that looms behind our mind every time we are in search for a good laptop repair clinic near us. We at VRS Technologies have excellent certified professionals to deal with your laptop repairs in Dubai. Our customer testimonials speak for them who are happy with our services and keep coming back to us for all sorts of laptop repairs in Dubai.

Laptop Repair Dubai

At this point, we would like to remind you that not all laptop problems require a qualified technician. A few of them might be quick fixes, which you might be able to fix all by yourselves. Listed below are a few such minor repairs which you will easily be able to deal with:

1. Running Anti-virus software:

When you realize that your computer is functioning slower than usual or when unnecessary pop-ups are bugging you, then it’s time to run our anti-virus software which should quickly resolve the issue. However, if you do not have the anti-virus software loaded on your system and suspect that there might be a bug in your computer, then the best bet is to approach a professional to save your data. You should keep updating the anti-virus software once you have the bug removed and have the antivirus installed in your system.

2. Laptop won’t turn on:

This can be really scary as you will not be able to pinpoint the issue if the laptop doesn’t start. Sometimes, you do not have the cord connected to your system and start working and forget all about plugging in the computer until your laptop shuts down. Many times, the best solution is very simple than you realize. All you need to do is plug in the cord and give it some time to charge and the system will start working as usual.

In case your laptop doesn’t start in spite of the above steps, you might want to

  • Take the battery out, clean the dust and replace the battery.
  • Check if the laptop is shorted by clicking here.
  • In case, the power cord is indeed short, then it’s time to take your laptop to a professional.

3. Overheating laptop:

The symptoms for overheating laptops are

  • The computer shuts down all by itself.
  • The laptop constantly freezes on you.
  • The computer slows down.

If you face any of these issues, allow the laptop to cool down for some time. Keep it on a plain hard surface that keeps the air vent open. If you continue to face the issues, it’s time to take your computer to a technician to have the fan replaced.

The cracked screen issues or the problems like the laptop running without any display, and issues with the motherboard or the memory related problems, for all such laptop repairs, approach VRS Technologies who are established computer repair center in Dubai. Get in touch with us at +971-55-5182748 or visit us at for more questions.

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