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What are 4k/8k/UHD, LED, and OLED TVs?

Here’s why we suggest 4k LED TV rental Dubai above all…

Today, with the ever-evolving technology, purchasing a high-quality TV has become a challenge. Though the buying potential of the customers has increased multi-fold, the issue is with identifying the one we want. If you fail to understand the technology behind it, you will only end up paying big bucks without landing with the right product. There are a plethora of television technologies circulating in the market – 4K technology, the 8K, and the OLEDs, now the QLEDs. What is the fuss all about?

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Understanding the UHD Technology

The ultra-high definition (UHD) TVs are as the name suggests the high-resolution TVs with the horizontal resolution of 4000 pixels or more. These are probably more popular as the 4K TVs. To put it in the layman terms, the 4K TVs are basically four times the resolution of the HD TVs. Of late, the resolution of the UHD TV gets even better. They reach the horizontal resolution of 8000 pixels and more and are popularly known as the 8K TVs.

What do the UHD/4 K Technologies translate to?

  • The first and foremost, better 4K resolution means more clarity.
  • 4K means, the images are 4000 pixels wide, the more the pixels, the better the quality.
  • As the pixels become more, you will notice a sharper picture.
  • The more detailed picture with no information lost.
  • While 4K is a professional production and cinema standard, the UHD is consumer display and broadcast standard.

The difference here is the origin from where the 4K TVs and UHD TVs have evolved, the former for movie houses while the latter for the consumer use. However, all the 4K TVs in the market today are UHD TVs.

  • Mind you, at a closer distance, you won’t be able to make out the difference between the regular HD TV and the UHD TV, though the resolution is 4 times more.

What is an LED TV?

While the UHD and 4K/8K refer to the pixel density of the image, the LED basically refers to the technology used. The televisions that use the Light Emitting Diodes (LED) to backlight the display screen.

Types of LED TVs

  • Edge-Lit LED TVs
  • Full-Array LED TVs

Now that we know that LED is the technology behind the Ultra High Definition TVs, let’s rule out the confusion here. The 4k/8k/ UHD is the various pixel densities used over the LED Technology. The 4K or the UHDs can be integrated with the OLED technology as well, where the latter refers to the Organic Light Emitting diodes that are used for the display panel.

Advantages of the 4k or UHD LED TVs over other technologies

There are ample benefits of an LED TV. For instance,

  • Power consumption is very low as compared to the LCD TVs due to the fact that the LED bulbs require low power to glow.
  • The other benefit could be that the life of the LED bulbs is more which translates to the longer life of the LED TVs than LCDs or OLEDs.
  • The picture is clearer, sharper and brighter than LCD TVs and OLEDs.
  • Thinner in size as compared to the LCDs.
  • Cheaper than the OLEDs.

Hope this blog has brought you the entire picture of the technologies and has cleared up the confusion to a certain extent; talk to our professionals at VRS Technologies for more information. For 4k LED TV rental in Dubai, approach us at +971 55 5182748 or visit our website

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