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Top 6 Uses of iPads That Can Augment Your Business Acumen

iPad Rental can be the game changer for SMBs

The general perception of the tablets is progressively changing. What was mainly considered for entertainment is now entering the genre of serious work mode. So, what are the factors that are boosting the use of tablets, especially the iPads in the business world? The plethora of apps made available in the iPads is the main reason that is changing the image of the iPads. Moreover, the flexibility factor and its adaptability to fit into any environment based on the requirement is something which cannot be ignored. iPad Rental Dubai.

iPad Rental Dubai

How to improve the productivity of your business with iPads?

1. iPads for building Brand Image: Who cannot fathom the brand image projected by the Apple iPad? Even for a small to medium sized businesses who try to compete with the big business sharks, Apple iPads’ image is invincible. The brand value speaks volumes, let alone its multi-faceted use in the business meetings.

2. iPads for Kiosks: iPads in the kiosks can amplify the customers’ interaction with the business substantially. The ease of use, the touchscreen functionality, being lightweight, the use of the stylus in case of the iPad Pro and the 2018 iPad are simply a few of many functionalities of the iPad.

  • iPad kiosks help in building better customer relations.
  • iPad kiosks can act as the feedback centers.
  • iPad kiosks can turn into interactive marketing campaigns.
  • iPads kiosks can function as easy payment counters.
  • iPad kiosks can become information hubs.

3. iPads fraught with work-friendly apps: Apple iPads are synonymous for the ample apps be it for entertainment, education or for its business-friendly aptitude. Few of the many business-centered apps in iPad are:

  • Dropbox: The main functionality of this app is, it allows you to store and share the files online. It is one of the safest and secure ways to share files with your colleagues or gain access to them on the go.
  • Skype: This is the app that allows you to connect to your teammates from remote locations to discuss the projects seamlessly. Sending files, images holding conference calls can be performed at the snap of the fingers.
  • iWork: The comprehensive package of three apps – Keynote, Numbers, and Pages can be your complete office suite from where you can virtually run your business from anywhere.

4. iPads as Second Monitor: When the situation demands you can easily convert the iPad into a second screen for comparing notes or be it anything or everything. All you need to do is install the Air Display app in both your iPad and the Mac, reboot the systems and you will have the second monitor up and running.

5. iPad as a complete computer: Getting an additional keyboard for your iPad is not that difficult. Apple aficionados have already had the keyboard experience with the iPad Pro, however, with the iPads’ wireless keyboards, every Apple iPad can transform into a powerful laptop.

6. iPad for remote access: Someone remotely accessing your computer can be scary, but it can be uber useful if you access your own computer from your tablet remotely. In the instance where you might have missed out uploading an important file for a meeting in the iPad, which is however present in your MacBook, you can use a multitude of VNC apps like Screens to remotely access your computer.

While Apple iPads can be a real savior during your business meetings, owning the iPads outright for all the employees in small and medium businesses (SMB) can be a little intimidating. iPad rental in Dubai can be the solution for such occasions with which you can enjoy the best of both worlds. For iPad rental in Dubai, check out our product page, contact us at +971-55-5182748 or visit our website for more information.

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