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How can iPad Rental Help You with Video Conferencing?

Five reasons for using iPads as video conferencing tool; save more with iPad rental in Dubai

iPads are versatile devices which can tap a plethora of requirements for the users. And, video conferencing is one of the many services the iPads can provide. Video conferencing is a cost-effective way to conduct meetings, attend seminars, touch base with friends, keep in touch with families, and attend online classes, and so on. All you need is a high-speed internet connection and the latest iPads which will enable all the tasks you can think of. VRS Technologies can help you make it much more cost efficient through iPad rental Dubai for business and personal use by providing bulk iPad rental as well as single iPad hire.

iPad Rental Dubai

Why are iPads the best gadgets for video conferencing?

As mentioned, the best feature of Apple iPads is the availability of a wide option of apps. There are apps available for almost everything you can think of in the App Store on iPads. Let’s look at all the features that make the video conferencing on iPads a great experience.

1. Cameras: Like any other tablet, the iPads also have the front and the rear facing cameras. However, what makes the iPads special is the fact that they have extremely powerful cameras that make the video conferencing a worthwhile experience. The latest 2018 iPad has a 1.2 MP front facing camera that enables the participants at the other locations to view you with clear picture quality. Alternatively, by switching to the rear8 MP camera, you can show your notes, products or other details to the other participants.

2. In-built speaker and microphone: The iPads come with inbuilt speaker and microphone due to which you do not have to make external arrangements for audio needs. The iPads also come equipped with a headphone jack to keep the communication more private.

3. iPad as Notes: While you are video conferencing or engaged in online training, you can take down the notes on iPad. The 2018 iPad with original Apple pencil support makes it an amazing notebook for taking down notes, highlighting, art, etc.

4. Longer battery life: The buzzing 10 hours of standard battery life of iPads is an icing on the cake. It makes uninterrupted two sessions of online training seamlessly possible with single charging. The ten long hours of efficient battery life is, in fact, one of the biggest selling features of iPads leaving almost every other tablet behind in competition.

5. Video Conferencing apps support: While the Facetime app on the iPads can help you connect with participants for video conferencing across the world between iPads, the other apps like Fuze Meeting mobile app, Cisco WebEx App, Skype for iPad App, iMeet app, are great for professional video conferencing which can help set up meetings with as many as 125 participants.

At VRS Technologies, we offer to Rent iPads for Events, conferences, meetings, online/classroom training, and more. Seek iPad hire in Dubai to tap the benefits, contact us at +971-55-5182748 or visit our website for more information.

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