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6 Fun Facts about Touch Screen Technology

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Touch screens technology has taken its own sweet time to make an impressionable difference; but, when it did, it’s here to stay. Today, we see the touch screen technology being adopted virtually everywhere from mobile phones to stores, kiosks, restaurants, airplanes, schools, and hospitals. We at VRS Technologies offer Touch Screen Rental Dubai for its extensive use in retails stores, events, businesses, kiosks etc. However, for avid touchscreen technology fans, we have compiled the fun facts of touchscreens and why it has become so popular of late.

Touch screen rental Dubai

Why are touchscreens so popular?

The answer to this is simple and straightforward. The touchscreen technology is highly intuitive and catching. Even an infant will be able to work around with touchscreens. The advent of multi-touch screen technology has made zooming the screen even more intuitive as no special instructions were ever required to teach the user that a simple pinch and zoom will magnify the image. The touchscreen technology, in a nutshell, has made this world a better place to live.

Fun facts about touchscreen technology

1. Touchscreens date back to 1960s: Though the touchscreens are garnering popularity very recently, the technology has come into existence decades ago. The single-touchscreen was invented by E.A. Johnson at Royal Radar Establishment in Malvern, UK. His invention was adopted and used until 1990 at UK air traffic controllers.

2. Two types of touch screens – resistive touch and the capacitive touch screens: There are basically two types of touchscreen technologies – the resistive touch and the capacitive touch.

The resistive touchscreens are more often found at ATM centers and supermarkets. Resistive touch screens can handle only single touch, however, are more durable and consistent.

3. Human body acts as an electric conductor on the capacitive touch screens: The capacitive touchscreens use the human fingers which operate on the touch screen as the conductors of electricity. The glass on the capacitive touchscreen is coated with a transparent conductor like indium tin oxide. When a human finger touches a part of the capacitive touchscreen, the electrically charged particles on the screen flow through the finger to complete the circuit, thereby creating a voltage drop at the place of the touch. The software then handles the voltage drop at the specific place to carry out the respective function.

4. Multi-touch was invented much later in the 1980s: First developed in 1982 in University of Toronto, Canada and later developed at Bell Labs, the USA in 1984; the multi-touch screen technology we use extensively today on the smartphones is the augmentation of these inventions.

5. Touchscreen mobiles were launched way back in the 1990s: Though it is the touchscreen technology on the first iPhone in 2007 that created the revolution, the first touchscreen mobile device was launched way back in 1993 at IBM and BellSouth.

6. Every screen can be a touchscreen: It’s now possible to convert virtually every surface into a touchscreen with the help of Sony’s projector. The projector has the functionality of a tablet which can gather information and allows doodling.

At VRS Technologies, we offer touchscreen rentals in Dubai to meet the growing need of touchscreens across industries. Contact us at +971-55-5182748 or visit our website for more information.

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