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What are the Advantages of Choosing to Rent Printers?

Get the most advanced printers under your budget with printer rental

The biggest advantage of renting a printer for a small office/home office (SOHO) is defying the investment cost incurred by purchasing the printer outright. If you are hoping to rent Printer for a longer period of time, the rental value might outrun the actual cost of the printer. However, if it is for shorter lease periods and considering a multitude of advantages, the idea to rent printer can work way better than buying it right away. At VRS Technologies, you can rent printers on a long and short-term basis based on the requirement of the client. We offer printers on rent on an hourly basis to weeks, months, and years.

Rent Printer

Advantages of opting to rent printer:

1. Keeps Your Budget Down: Renting a printer makes more sense for SOHOs as it basically helps you to plan out the budgetary requirements beforehand. You will be basically paying as you use as against burning a hole in your pocket by making a lump sum payment. This way, you can actually keep track of your expenses against the use of the printer at your office.

2. Tax Exemption: Renting a printer can help you in reclaiming the amount you pay out in form of the rental amount; however when you purchase a printer you can claim 40% of the price during the first year and 25% in the subsequent year and so on.

3. Latest Technology: Renting a printer helps you in staying updated in terms of technology. Any electronic equipment becomes redundant after 4-5 years of use. When you rent printer, you can hand it over to the rental company after a couple of years in exchange for the latest printer. Usually, the rental company allows you to upgrade to the latest printer either during the lease period or by the end of the lease term to keep up with the latest technology.

4. Choosing a Flexi-payment option: You can choose the best rental payment option available with the leasing company and attain the immediate access to the printer right away. This can basically help you divert the funds to more pressing issues in the business.

When to not rent printer?

In case it turns out that you need fewer than 700 prints per month, you are better off buying a multifunctional device (MFD) or a small desktop printer which can be far cheaper than the latest highly advanced printers.

Who gets to keep the printer by the end of the lease period?

As you have chosen to rent printer, technically the printer is the asset of the leasing company, it gives you the leeway of not having to worry about the depreciating value of the printer.

For a detailed inquiry about the rental value, advanced technology printers, demonstrations, and other technical details, contact VRS Technologies at +971-55-5182748 or visit our website

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