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Server, Network and Computer Troubleshooting Dubai

VRS Technologies deals with troubleshooting of server, network and computers in Dubai, UAE.

Since its inception, VRS Technologies have been constantly backed by the expert team of highly professional and trained workforce, who are very proficient in diagnosing the root cause of the problem and further troubleshooting the problem. Our technical proficiency has always enhanced the seamless workflow in the company and eradicating the possible rectification measures.

We have been the most preferred and reputed vendor in the market who is known for excellent troubleshooting services in Dubai, UAE pertained to servers, network and computers; we support the company with the following measures which are mentioned below:

  • Our expert team always tries to understand the root cause of the problem, further; we take pro-active steps in eliminating them to have flawless operations.
  • We are indeed known to provide the most flexible solution which is completely driven by the customer centric approach. The testimony for our troubleshooting deliverables has always been towards the customer’s satisfaction and delight.
  • We as a network support company, we are able to deliver the on-site IT support services towards the server, network and the computers in general.
  • Our customer support staffs, who are well proficient to diagnose a particular issue, further get troubleshoots and attempts to resolve certain complex technical issues.

An Initiative towards resolving the possible bottlenecks in networking support

VRS Technologies has been a leading network support company in Dubai, UAE, offering the most reliable, efficient and on-time network support services.

In this endeavor, we have been pro-active in resolving the occurrence of network down-time in your office network, which otherwise could lead to major impairment and huge monetary loss to the organization.

Our take on the network assessment and offering the comprehensive tailor made solutions

Network And Computer Troubleshooting Dubai


VRS Technologies over the years have gained a unique reputation in the market to offer the most comprehensive and a tailor made network solutions which are driven by the optimum performance coupled to bring about the fastest performing network.

Network Assessment

The network assessment has always been the primordial motive with reference to rendering the network support. The network assessment always makes us understand the company’s network system and the possible resolution to the specific problems pertaining to the network and a special emphasis on the back-up and security.

Our range of services are isolate and resolve the network issues further ensuring high quality services to the customers.

Diagnostics and troubleshooting measures those become the pivotal components at VRS

VRS Technologies have always understood the configuration settings, the services and the built-in protocols which have always engaged us with the technical challenges.

  • General network connectivity problems
  • Default gateways/IP addresses.
  • DHCP, DNS and WINS configuration
  • Settings for network adapters, network clients and modems.

We at VRS has been always spearheaded ourselves with whatever levels of complexities we are entangled into, we have always ensured our clients with possible diagnostics and troubleshooting of the problems encountered, to have seamless workflow, especially related to: Internet service settings for proxies, email and newsgroup.

If you encounter any problem in your network or server or desktop or else workstations, then please feel free to call us on +971-55-5182748/ 052-7468085. Our support staff would be very keen in reverting back to you at the earliest.


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