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HP Service Center in Dubai – Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Printers, Projectors

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HP Service Center in Dubai – Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Printers, Projectors. HP specializes in developed computing, storage, network, hardware and services. It provides technology solutions to all forms of institutions worldwide and is one of the biggest technological companies.

From fixing your digital friend to recovering critical data, HP provides you with a full spectrum of services. HP services offer the most comprehensive, end-to-end solutions customized to your specific needs which starts at the time of your purchase.

Enjoy Premium Services At Hp Service Center In Dubai

What Are The Services Provided?

General performance assistance

•    Complimentary PC check to ensure your system’s well-being
•    Troubleshooting / resolving problems such as error messages, persistent pop-ups and system application crashes
•    Multi-OS/brand troubleshooting (hardware issues, security support, system conflicts, browser support)
•    Detecting and removing viruses, spyware and malware
•    Diagnosing and resolving operating system issues

Software installation

•    Installation and set-up of software applications
•    Troubleshooting and resolving software problems
•    Help with basic usage of common software packages
•    Sync contacts, emails and calendar with computer, laptop or tablet

Connectivity and mobility

•    Assistance with setup and securing network connection and configuration
•    Help connect and sync email on your smart phone
•    Troubleshooting and help with mobile connectivity
•    Set up a Bluetooth headset connection

Why Choose Hp Services?

•    Confidence ( market leader with 5.4 million users)
•    Simplicity
•    Versatility ( any brand of hardware or software supported)
•    Expertise ( ITL certifications)

HP services cover laptops, desktops, tablets as well as printers. Customers get 24*7 support from highly trained experts.