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Printer Rental Dubai, UAE – Hire, Lease Printers – Photocopier Rental

Printer Rental Dubai – Have you experienced printer scarcity problems, especially when there is an abundant necessity of printing certain important documents which is necessary at an event or a conference meeting?

Do you have an interim office at a place and you have a dare necessity of certain printed documents which becomes very handy to showcase your products and services to the prospective customer.

Over the years, VRS Technologies has earned a unique reputation in the market and constantly re-defining their strategies towards enhancing their focus on rendering the best printers as the in Dubai, UAE.

VRS Technologies bring about the sufficient collection of printers in their storehouse which could be suited for any enterprise who require printers with any updated models for their commercial use.

Cost-effective Printer rentals in Dubai:

It should be understood that some of the excellent and high-quality printers are always expensive and it becomes cumbersome to have the multiple printers to be implemented in a corporate organization and under these situations, it would always be a wise initiative to have certain cost-cutting methods which could probably reduce the cost of purchasing and rather opting for the rental printers in place.

It also becomes an ardent necessity to have a tie-up with the companies who rent/leases out the printers which could possibly combat the printing requirements in a networked environment. VRS Technologies has always propelled itself onto this endeavor, and have been able to support many enterprises towards the printer rental in Dubai, UAE.

Variations in the printing services from VRS Technologies

VRS Technologies have always been on the threshold by constantly rendering the highest quality supreme printers which bring about high end quality print along with some add-on features with it.

rent printer

Our range of printer’s also incorporates the following:

  • Photocopier Rental Dubai
  • Copier Rental Dubai

We have always spearheaded ahead of our competitors in Dubai, UAE, as we heavily bank upon the sufficient stock of rent printer at our store which is meant to be for the printer rental in Dubai, UAE, which could combat the growing bandwidth of mandates from the customers towards their printer requirements; the stock has always been our backbone in constantly satisfying and fulfilling the expectations of the customers.

Our range of Printers which are available for renting has been mentioned below:

  • HP laser Jet 1102
  • HP Laser Jet Pro 400 M401d
  • HP Laser Jet p2055d
  • HP Laser Jet Pro 400 color M451dn
  • HP Laser Jet Pro 300 color MFP M375nw
  • Color Laser Jet MFP 177FW
  • HP Laser Jet Pro 400 M 401d
  • HP Laser Jetp2055d
  • HP Laser Jet Pro 200 printer 251N
  • HP Laser Jet Pro 400 color M451dn
  • HP Laser Jet Pro 300 color MFP M373nw
  • HP Laser Jet M 1217 MFP
  • HP Color Laser Jet MFP 1415N
  • Laser Jet Pro 200 Color MPF 276 NW0
  • Laser Jet Pro 200 Color MFP276NW0

Apart from the above mentioned printers, we do have with us certain printers which are suitable for specific purposes:

Barcode Printer Rentals

  • Bar code Printer Z4M Plus
  • BIXOLAN SLP-T400 Barcode Label Printer
  • ZEBRA TLP-2844 Barcode label printer

 Copier Model Printer Rentals

printer rental Dubai

  • BIZHUB C454
  • BIZHUB C454E
  • BIZHUB C364
  • C452
  • C552
  • C652
  • INEO + 253 Develop
  • INEO + 452 Develop
  • C364
  • C452
  • ineo + 558
  • ineo +368
  • C364e
  • C454

Copier Rental in Dubai


Technical Support team at VRS Technologies in Dubai, UAE

VRS Technologies constantly boosts its value added service with our in-house team of expert professionals who are competent enough to handle any issue which comes to corporate, either through the on-site visitor or through the remote support.

In the event, if you are looking out printers to be implemented at your premises, do not hesitate to call us on +971-55-5182748 / 052-7468085, our service experts would available anytime and would be very gracious to help at resolving the problems at the earliest available time.

Additional Printer Rental Services :

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Photocopier Rental for Serving Multiple Purposes

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Printer Rental Dubai

Rent the printer of your choice

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