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Which is Best Android TV or Tizen OS?

TVs are prioritized by their features, screen size, picture quality, and operating system. We have many options for smart TVs powered by different operating systems from various brands. The well-established Android TV and Samsung’s Tizen OS TV are smart enough and integrate their excellent features compared with each other.

What are Android TV and Tizen OS?

Android TV: It’s no surprise that Android TV is one of the most known and inevitable smart TV. The Android OS packs exceptional features for TV, Mobiles, Watches, Tablets, and other gadgets. Every update of the android version multiplies the challenging features. Android TV provides a seamless user-friendly experience.

Tizen OS: Tizen OS is a Linux-based operating system from Samsung and Intel, one of the tech leaders. Tizen OS also supports smart TV, phones, digital signage, and Tablets. Tizen OS is viable and owns great features like AV, streaming applications, Samsung Health, TV, things, and many other smart applications that are versatile in delivering awesomeness.

Android TV vs Tizen OS

Difference between Android TV and Tizen OS

Android vs. Tizen

User Interface

  • Both Android and Tizen have very similar layouts. The main difference is that Android offers a Google-centric search bar, whereas Tizen OS offers a much laid-out search and status bar. Users find browsing recent apps in Android TV is easy when compared to Tizen OS. The simple expansion of notifications on Android features is missing in Tizen.
  • Android doesn’t provide a smooth scrolling experience while Tizen does. Tizen gives the user to set up and highlight the colors of their choice but Android doesn’t. Overall, both provide better user interfaces at different levels.

Design and Architecture

  • Tizen advances with the 64-bit processor that any of the Android TVs doesn’t offer as of now. Tizen weighs lighter and hence it starts faster on comparing to Android.
  • As stated above Tizen with an advanced processor gives better picture quality than Android.


  • The simple yet super-qualified Tizen OS offers a quick response in detecting the devices and configuring them automatically to TV. A guide added in the Tizen TV let the users know and understand easy device connections like gaming consoles, pen drives, external storage connections, receivers, audio systems, etc. All through just scrolling on the screen menu bars.
  • Android also provides the flexibility of connecting external devices and allows the users to have a featured experience.

Voice Assistant:

Android TV holds on the great voice assistant. The deep integration and voice recognition specifications in Android are much better than the Tizen OS voice assistant.

Android calls in action from other streaming services along with the prioritized and organized content. Tizen OS allows limited search integrates such as TV applications, programs, and in-built gaming apps, and probably doesn’t allow the user to find out any other particular channel or program out of the box.

Gaming and Apps Support:

App support in Tizen OS is minimal but in Android, it’s beyond the next level. Two of these Tizen and Android withhold Google play sore but still, Tizen is limited to some apps. Android connects Apple TV to certain brands like Sony TVs and Tizen OS doesn’t equally extend its support for apps.

Tizen OS supports few in-built gaming apps but still allows basic gaming app installations through the Google store and Android offers more inherent gaming apps and functionalities.


Having said that, Android TV and Tizen OS are equally good enough though both have their relevant great & glitches. However, if you can’t decide whether to invest in Android TV or Tizen OS, we’ll help you. VRS Technologies LLC is the best LED TV  Rental Dubai at cost-effective prices.

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