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Ways to Increase Brand Awareness using Digital Video Walls

Business houses use various ways to increase brand awareness and create an impact on potential customers.

Social media, online and in-store competitions, and in-person advertisements are just a few popular mediums for building brand awareness.

The latest and advanced medium of advertisement is digital signage. Digital signage is a diverse platform for spreading brand awareness. It creates entirely new methods to do this, and it can also seamlessly incorporate with the other mediums.

Video Wall Rental Dubai

Effective ways to Increase Brand Awareness through Video Walls:

Promotional media: Digital signage is mainly utilised to increase brand awareness through displaying various promotions. Rather than presenting these promotions using static mediums, using Video walls allows displaying content in a dynamic way. The content includes eye-catching images created by graphic designers, posters, and short videos with product descriptions. Video walls have the added advantage of being able to display multiple contents at a time. Short Video promotions help to keep the audience engaged and keep them informed about the latest products.

Branded Screens: A subtle method of building brand awareness is branding your digital screen while displaying more general information. Encompassed within your brand, this more general content can help passively build brand awareness without directly selling to the audience. It is all about providing value. Creating a branded screen is an easy and quick process. Display general content and the company logo for onlookers to know who is providing the information. It helps to build a passive brand image.

Social media: Social media promotions are a powerful medium of increasing brand awareness and for instantly connecting with customers. Building social media presence across various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn is the fastest way to establish any kind of brand recognition. Video wall partners perfectly with building social media presence and, in turn, building brand awareness. Displaying the latest social media posts on the Video walls helps to reach out to both online followers and those passing by the screen. It also helps to keep fresh content on the screen without the need to do any extra work.

Schedule content: Video walls are efficient tools to display scheduled content to go with the theme and the occasion. The content displayed can be scheduled for a particular time of the day or a specific day. In addition to this screens can be grouped to manage content based on location or purpose.

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