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What Kind of Speakers Should we Employ for Events in Dubai?

Audio plays a vital role in any live performance. Sound equipment adds life and keeps the audience engaged throughout the event.

When it comes to sound equipment, event planners need to realize that such equipment is not just concerned about the microphone. The sound system consists of various other equipment that provides balanced sound disposal during events.

The sound system can be hired, for getting the latest equipment with advanced features. With the speaker system, all guests can hear the music and announcements during the event.

Speakers used in events come in a variety of types and sizes. Speakers with standard configurations are chosen based on the type of event, music, and venue.

Speakers allow the audience in an event to enjoy quality sound wherever they are placed in the venue.

Event managers need to ensure the speakers are positioned accurately for even sound distribution.

Speaker Rentals Dubai

Types of Speakers used for Events:

Sub-Bass speakers: Sub-bass or sub-woofer speakers, are usually 18 inches in diameter. The sub-bass cabinets are placed on the floor for maximum effect, and the speakers are mounted facing the back of the speaker cabinet, which is tuned to produce enhanced sub-bass tones.

Bass speakers: These speakers are used to reproduce bass frequencies and are normally 15 inches in diameter. They are placed at the chest level of the audience. Bass frequencies are in the audible range but are placed physically lower than higher frequency speakers in an effort to separate the sound in the most efficient and pleasing manner to the listener.

Midrange speakers: Midrange speakers are 12 or 10 inches in diameter, and reproduce sounds in the middle of the frequency spectrum. Speakers are placed above bass speakers and below high-frequency drivers. The dominant sound heard during events is in the midrange that is audible and easily understandable.

High-frequency horns: High-frequency reproduction requires small speakers with tight diaphragms to limit bass-inducing air movement. Since these speakers, called drivers, use diaphragms of 1 to 2 inches in diameter, they cannot handle high-wattage amplifiers. These speakers produce high-midrange and high-frequency sounds and are usually directed at the audience’s head level.

Monitor speakers: Monitor speakers are placed in the front or to the side of the performers to allow them to listen to themselves and other members on the stage. Monitors are connected to separate mixers and amplifiers and allow custom sound mixes for each performer.

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