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How are Touch Screens used in Trade Show Booths?

Digital technology is an integral part of our lives. The use of high-end gadgets across various verticals has improved our standard of living and made our lives lot easier.

The use of digital signage for business promotions has helped companies to increase profits and improve brand image.

Expos and trade shows are great ways to show off products, connect with more customers, and promote business more effectively.

Digital signage such as Touch Screens helps organisations to promote products effectively at trade shows.

The advanced technology Touch screens create a buzz and are an instant attraction at a trade show booth.

Touch Screen Rental Dubai

Touch screens can be used in various ways at a trade show booth to appeal to a larger audience and generate leads.

Ways to use Touch Screens at Trade show Booths:

Digital presentation: Educating visitors about the brand and the product through digital presentation is a smart move. By displaying the product at the booth, you can build brand awareness and demonstrate the product to all attendees. Place interactive Touch screens at the booth and play product presentations in a loop.  

iPads kiosks Using iPads in a tradeshow booth helps keep customers engaged for a longer time and lets them explore a range of products. The easy touch access helps customers to browse through the various product details with easy navigation and a clear display.

Mobile Apps: Touch screens are a great tool to connect with the audience at a trade booth through the various social media apps. Customers can share product-related information instantly with friends and family through the social media apps available on the Touch screens. Allowing customers to share information at a trade booth helps increase the footfalls to a stall and increase brand awareness and also a source of lead generation.

Self-service kiosks: Touch screen monitors and kiosks are perfect for displaying interactive documents, galleries, maps, and schedules at the event. They can be placed at strategic points for wayfinding. Trade booth attendees can find information about schedules on their own.

Product demos: Attractive product demos displayed on the Touch screens can pull traffic into the trade booth. Striking visuals such as leader board graphics attract visitors to a tradeshow from any corner of the venue.

VRS Technologies offers the latest Touch Screen Rental Dubai for organizing the most engaging events.

We offer interactive Touch screen kiosks, multi-touch screens, and LED Touch screens. Our range of touch screens is compatible with USB devices or SD cards to display content.

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