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What is the Difference between Smart TV and LED TV?

It is often believed that a Smart TV is a LED TV, but there are profuse differences in between the two types of Televisions: While both Smart and LED TVs are the outcomes of the advent of Digitalization, you can opt for any of these Televisions based on your choice.

Striking Differences in between a Smart TV and a LED TV

LED TV works on the Light Emitting Diode. In turn, the Diode channelizes the Screen Backlight. This adds to improvised Contrast and Brightness.

  • LED TVs includes mostly the QLED, which consists of LED Backlights along with the layer of Quantum Dots.
  • Apart from this, the OLED TVs are the Organic LEDs. The Organic LEDs possess Self Emitting properties, with an excellent vibrancies. However, the Organic LEDs are not as bright, compared to the other LEDs. In fact, the screens might burn, in case, the Static images are displayed for a longer time.

Compared to this, a Smart TV gives the access to stream the Internet content and also interact with the Social Media. In addition, you can also work with the Home Automation Systems. It can be concluded that all the LED TVs are not Smart TVs, but most of the Smart TVs are LED Based. Few of these are also Plasma Based Smart TVs.

The additional features of Smart TVs include the Inbuilt Wi-Fi or Local Area Network.

What would be Your Choice, a Smart TV or a LED TV?

  • Smart TV is the Better option in terms of more Diversified features, while LED TVs are meant to save Energy and display a very High Quality Image. The Aesthetics of the Slim Designed LED TVs are Eye Catchy.
  • Smart TVs favor the usage and downloading of copious Applications such as Netflix, You Tube and Games. LED TVs are meant for its’ Vibrant Display.
  • Smart TVs hold the option of Voice Assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant.
  • The usage of Chrome Cast Technology can be used to stream from Mobile Gadgets on the Smart TV Screen.
  • The Live Cast Feature is an added benefit of the Smart TVs.

Therefore, the option to choose a Smart TV or LED TV remains completely on you to decide.

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