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The Best 5 Desktop Computers in 2024

The Tug of War amidst Desktop Computer PCs and Laptops in the Past : Laptops caused severe damage to the reputation of Desktop Computer PCs in terms of Portability in the Third Quarter of 2008, in the Consumer Market, when the Total Shipments of these, plummeted absolutely. However, the scenario has changed Cent Percent.

Desktop Rental UAE

Mentioned below are few of the most worth purchasing Desktop Computer PCs in 2024:

  • Dell XPS Model: It is a Mid-range Windows PC, which consists of the 13th Gen Intel Core 17-13700 Processor. The Processor is supported by the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 Ti GPU, which makes it perfect for intense Graphics and Gaming. It holds a One year subscription to McAfee Business Protection.
          • RAM: 32 GB.
          • The Internal Storage: 1TB SSD and a 2TB HHD.
          • Additional: Dell wired Keyboard and Mouse.
  • Sleeky iMac with 24 inches Retinal Display: It has a Gorgeous, Eye Catchy 24 inches, 4.5 k Retinal Display and is 11.5 millimeters thick. This iMac consists of the Apple M3 Processor. The configuration works on the Apple Magic Keyboard and Apple Magic Mouse. 
          • Ports: USB Type C Thunderbolt Ports along with Wi Fi 6E Wireless connectivity.
          • HD Camera: It is of 1080 Pixels Resolution.
  • Acer TC -1770-UR11: It is extremely Budget Friendly, having a conventional Tower design. The absence of a Monitor makes you access the Wireless Mouse and Keyboard. The Processor is a 10 Core Intel Core 15-13400 Processor, having a 1.8 GHZ Processing speed.
          • RAM: 8 GB.
          • Memory : DDR4 SDRAM Memory
          • Internal Storage : 512GB SSD
  • Corsair Vengeance i8200 Series: It is expensive. The I CUE Software channelizes and imparts the plenary Gaming experience. Additional Software’s help to calibrate the mouse and adjust the DPI and also record the Macros and remap the Keyboard Keys and Buttons.
  • Lenovo Yoga AIO 9i Gen 9: Possessing a Sleeky and Modern Design, the 31.5 inches Monitor can tilt 20 Degrees to impart the exact Viewing angle. Furthermore, it displays 4K Resolution content.
          • Speakers: 4 Harmon Kardon speakers, which supports Dolby Atmos.
          • Preconfigured and Versatile Feature: Good for people who are not excessive Tech Savvy. 

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