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What are the top 5 Touch Screen Monitors used for Digital Signage?

Interactive touch screens and big touch screen displays allow easy, effective, hand-on interaction and serve various industries well.

Touch screens add interactivity at retail outlets and restaurants allowing customers to know more about the place and the services or products offered.

Business houses use interactive touch screens to keep the staff informed about latest developments occurring in the world of business anytime and anywhere.

LED video wall signs provide a high definition image that can be easily projected onto any wall or surface.

Interactive touch screens are beneficial for office use as they can be used for improved wayfinding, increased visibility, simple conference room check-in, etc.

Touch Screen Rental Dubai

Top 5 Touch Screen Monitors:

TCL 4K LED TV: It is one of the most popular selling TVs with it is least expensive smart TV with decent specs. The 50” inch size is a versatile size. Digital signage is often preferred with size over 48” inches. The slim 3.2” inch screen comes equipped with Ultra HD 4K HDR picture quality and LED backlighting for vibrant color. The screen looks great on any wall mount or pedestal. It is a best choice for corporate, retail, and hospitality venues looking to install a network of screens across many locations.

ViewSonic 4K UHD: This screen is ideal for hotel, restaurant, and other corporate clients looking for a high performing, quality HD screen. The display comes equipped with wide viewing angles and advanced technologies to display 350-nit high brightness. It provides visual communications a high impact and for a superior viewing experience. The Enplug’s technology integrated into it provides the best digital signage and visual communication experience.

Phillips P-Line Display: The 55-inch Phillips display is a great bargain for a commercial-grade screen that offers Ultra HD 4K resolutions, and RS-232 and multiple HDMI ports. If you are looking for 24/7 operation look into the P-Line display which is constructed with tough components and a great addition to warehouses or production lines. While the Q-Line provides a respectable 350 nits of brightness, other Philips displays like P-Line gives an impressive 700 nits (though you give up the 4K capability).

65” LG UH7FB: The 65-inch LED commercial-grade screen from LG packs a vibrant punch with high brightness functionality and 4K picture resolution. Thin bezel design, HDMI ports, and Creston Connected compatibility makes this model ideal for commercial use. It is suitable for high-foot traffic areas.

70” Sharp 4T-B7OCJ1U: It comes with a complete RS232 input which allows to automatically on and off the screens, wide viewing angles, and crisp Ultra HD 4K resolution, users can experience an easy multi-screen installation and vivid picture experience ideal for digital signage settings.

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