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What are the New Features of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro?

Apple unveiled the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in 2022. Both the laptops are equipped with the M2 processor.

Both the laptops are equipped with the high-end processors and the best of features that make them the most desired laptops to own.

MacBook Pro Rental Dubai

Features of MacBook Air and MacBook Pro:

  • MacBook Air is the fancier of the two laptops. It includes design changes introduced with the pricier MacBook Pro models of 2021 that include thinner borders around the screen and a notch for the webcam.
  • The MacBook Air has a slightly larger display than the new MacBook Pro’s 13.3 inch display.
  • MacBook Air is lighter in weight than the MacBook Pro which weighs around 3 pounds.
  • This also means the new MacBook Air can take advantage of an upgraded 1080p webcam for better video quality whereas the MacBook Pro comes with 720p webcam.
  • MacBook Air uses a quad-speaker setup for better audio versus the MacBook Pro’s stereo speakers.
  • Both, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro have the same LCD IPS 2K resolution screen. MacBook Pro remains the only Mac from Apple that has Touch Bar display above the Magic Keyboard, a feature that never quite caught on.
  • MacBook Ait also comes with a Touch ID but has physical function keys.
  • MacBook Air has a MagSafe connector that attaches magnetically to the laptop and safely disconnects if someone trips on the wire. MacBook Pro does not come with this feature.
  • MacBook Air provides the option to customize with an 8 or 10 core GPU, whereas, the MacBook Pro ha only the 10-core processor option.
  • MacBook Air provides an 18-hour non-stop video playback and MacBook Pro offers a 20-hour battery performance.
  • Both MacBook Air and MacBook Pro consist of audio jacks and two USB-C Thunderbolt ports, and they start with 256 gigabytes of storage that can be expanded up to 2 terabytes at checkout.
  • MacBook Pro comes with a fan cooling system that allows it to have active cooling and give a better performance whereas the MacBook Air comes with a fan less design.

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