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VRS Technologies Offers Sound System Rentals for Business Events, Meetings

Business events, meetings or personal events, an event without a sound system is downright incomplete. For effective communication as well as entertainment, a sound system is essential for its success. Amplifiers, speakers, mixers, and microphones are all part of the sound system that play an important role in any event. In case you are the one organizing an event and looking for a trusted dealer to provide sound rental, then VRS Technologiescould just fit the bill with its impeccable record for providing Sound System Rental in Dubai.

Let us have a look at the sound equipment one usually uses in an event. Trust us when we say, there is lot more to it than meets the eye.

Sound System Rental in Dubai

Microphones: Wired or wireless, a microphone picks the sound from the speaker and the surroundings. The wired microphones are for those speakers who are immobile, like the panelists who sit by a table, while the wireless microphones are ideal when the speaker is moving around on a stage.

A lavaliere microphone is a small piece of equipment that you might have observed is clipped to your outfit and is usually paired with an earpiece.  In the situations when more than a single microphone is used within a certain area, it might lead to screeching sound. Here is where a sound mixer plays an important role in increasing or decreasing the volume of the microphone. It is all the more important to adjust the volumes of a soft-spoken speaker and a loud speaker; who are both present in a same panel.

Role of Amplifiers, speakers and mixers: Setting up speakers for an audio system is a complicated task. A lot of things need to be worked out before placing the speakers in an event.  The speakers need to be strategically placed during an event. They should not be placed behind the microphones as they might result in producing the screeching effect, not on the sides of the podium as they might block the view; and definitely not in the corners of the room as they might blast the ears of the person sitting right next to them. The sound system is more effective if the amplifiers and speakers are placed in clusters.

If you have an impending event to organize, contact us today at +971 55 5182748 for immediate audio system set up at the location.

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