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Guide to Choose the Right Laptops for Events

Meetings, events, training classes or exhibitions are special cases where laptops are required; but in large numbers making it a hard task to make arrangements to meet the demand. Moreover, it also makes it difficult to predict the number of laptops required as well. It takes a lot of planning from the event planner’s side to make arrangements to make the event a success. VRS Technologies, on the other hand, makes the essential part of the job easier by offering Laptop Rental Dubai for bulk as well as single laptop requirement.

Renting a Laptop

Since numerous things need to be taken into account to get the right kind of laptops in exact numbers to ensure successful completion of the event, here are a few pointers for the event planner to get the best-suited laptops for the events.

  • Identify the number: First and foremost, it is ideal to get a fair idea on the number of attendees expected at the event/meetings. It makes more sense to offer similar brand and model of laptops for all the participants; hence a tentative number would help the rental company to make arrangements. However, VRS Technologies provides premium, deluxe and standard laptops if you are keen on making a distinction.
  • Get the Specs right: Once the number is determined, next in the line is to get the hardware specifications for the laptops right in terms of cameras, processing speeds, storage space, SSD requirement, or is it the high-end GPU  you are looking for etc.
  • Understand the Software Requirements:  Once the hardware specifications are out of the way, it is time to figure out the software needs for the event like the Microsoft Office or Adobe Photoshop or any video/photo editing tools that might be required.
  • Arrangements to meet Specific Software Requirements: If it is a doctors’ conference or a business school event, where an organization specific software has to be loaded, it is advisable to make arrangements with the rental company to load the software provided before hand and make them event-ready
  • Replacement of Laptops: It is essential to have an understanding with the rental company to replace the malfunctioning laptops with fully functional laptops in case of system failures or malfunctions.
  • Have a Dry run: It is recommended to have a dry run of the event with a few laptops to test for its functionality beforehand in order to avoid any last minute glitches.
  • Have a technical aide for help: Last but not the least, it makes more sense to have a technical person from the rental company by your side to handle any technical issues that might arise during the event, just in case.

Contact VRS Technologies at +971 55 5182748, for laptop rentals meant for all kinds of use including events, meetings, training, town halls, or conferences.

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