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VRS Computers Your Proactive Technology Partner to Support Your Business

We are your Allies; our Job is to Provide Tailored IT Services to Meet your Needs…

We have witnessed the business start-ups grow and turn into powerhouse multi-national companies. We have seen them struggle, thrive and prosper.

IT Services-dubai

While there are many factors that influence the small companies’ growth like, impressive marketing strategies, ideal customers, ample revenue streams, a sturdy IT support is a crucial aspect as well. Being able to identify a reliable IT services and support provider to keep your IT related problems at bay is a blessing in disguise which can help you stay focused on the other needs of your business. VRS Computers, being one of the top rankings IT Support companies in Dubai can prove to be that trusted business partner, providing various IT solutions and IT support as a comprehensive package.

Realizing that employees are the pillars of strength for any organization, providing them a glitch free work environment for a smooth functioning of the company is all the more important. Check out the important IT support services we offer in Dubai to build an agreeable workplace at your company.

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC ):

Maintaining high quality in your business needs effort. You need to work on it. In order to have your computers, workstations, and servers up and running without any downtime, a regular service and maintenance are required. To have it all covered under an all-inclusive package with – regular servicing, periodical maintenance and repairs like malware removal, spare part replacements when required are all a part of AMC.

Data Recovery Services:

We comprehend the importance of data in an organization. You cannot afford to lose the data, which you might have collected with great effort. To beat such circumstances are our data recovery services, where we compete with the latest viruses and malware to protect your data. Data that is accidentally deleted or corrupted as the result of malware attacks; we incorporate the latest technology to recover the data from loss.

24×7 Customer Support:

To speed up the process of resolving any IT related issues, we offer round the clock customer service. To avoid the whole process of the technicians visiting your premises to have the issue resolved, we have a team of experts who try to resolve the issue remotely, who provide instant support for the services including, but not limited to laptop repair, iPad repair, workstation repair, server repair, spyware, malware removal services.

Consulting Services:

In-house technicians are hard to come by. Moreover, hiring technicians for the IT related issues that crop up often, but certainly not on a daily basis is an expensive affair. Gauging your need, we have consultants who are always on their toes to deal with any IT related issues. As experts, they deal with network related issues, workstation remote monitoring, virus removal etc. for various organizations, day in and day out.

Storage and Backup Solutions:

While there is a threat of malware attacks and data thefts looming every moment, the sensible thing to do is have a backup plan. We are partnered with Buffalo America Inc. to provide you with the world-class storage solutions to ensure an efficient backup of your data within the network.

To know more on the IT services, solutions and support we offer as one of the best IT support companies in Dubai, contact VRS Technologies at +971 55 5182748.