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Snake Malware Still Out There to Get The Mac

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While we thought that Apple computers are out of harm’s way, they seem to have come under the attack too.

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Though the recent Windows cyber attackers were categorized to be amateurs based on the easy way a debug was invented to prevent the further attacks, Windows computers have nevertheless become the victims of such malicious attack. Now seems to be the turn of the macOS. Learn more on how to keep your computers safe by speaking to our experts at VRS Computers, however for any other Mac, Macbook repairs in Dubai and then some; make us your trusted technology partner. We are happy to guide you through.

An extremely sophisticated piece of malware, apparently developed by Russian cyber attackers is doing rounds and this time targeting the Mac OS computers. The malware, popularly known as Snake or otherwise referred to as Turla or Uroburos has been initially affecting the Windows computers, which has now shifted its target to Mac computers. The new variant of Snake, which has emerged, is victimizing the Macbooks to steal the crucial data from the government and the corporate around the world. However, with the debug information and the legacy references to the Windows version of the malware, gives the impression that the Mac OS variant is still in its infancy.

What’s more, people at Fox-IT were able to check the sample of the Snake malware, which apparently comes packaged as a Flash player installer and is basically a Trojan. The interesting part is that the software comes with a signed developer certificate approved by Apple, which is more likely than not, a stolen one. Most naturally the Mac OS Gatekeeper security system doesn’t restrict the software or create an alert regarding its installation. Now that, the Fox –IT team has informed Apple about the same, the manufacturers will have to revoke the signed certificate. But, will this nip the danger in the bud, is yet to see.

But, with the upcoming WWDC 2017, where Apple is expected to launch a series of refreshed MacBooks, beginning with the highly touted next generation Macbook Pro, better take effective steps to curb the malware. Moreover, we say, hold on to your thoughts on buying any Apple Macbook right now. Not just the Macbook Pro, there are a few chances of the latest Macbook Air also making it to the WWDC. The Macbook Pro is expected to be a lot better than the 2016 Macbook Pro with much thinner, lighter version sporting the 7th generation Kaby Lake processor. In all, Apple is expected to come up with three different Macbooks at its major developer event. A 13-inch Macbook Pro and a 15-inch Macbook Pro are in the offing, with Apple Macbook Air as well, is yet to be seen.

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