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VRS Computers Offers All-Round IT Services in Dubai

In most basic terms, IT services ensure smooth running of the operations pertaining to any business. It could be the telecommunication system for enabling communication or the biometric security system or safety, but these are the fundamental needs of any company to improve the productivity of the employees and the turnaround time.

However, it becomes difficult, especially with the small-medium sized businesses (SMB) to concentrate on the core industry when an organization has to deal with the IT services as well. Taking such business needs into consideration, we at VRS Computers have emerged as a top notch provider of IT Services in Dubai to take the burden off the SMBs. Being a one stop shop for all the IT services in Dubai, we incorporate our services seamlessly into your organization, for which you might otherwise have to outsource your IT needs to various IT companies for each and every requirement.


We have an in-depth understanding of all the IT needs an organization has and we offer a complete package of IT services in Dubai for any new start-up to thrive.  We make sure that our team of professionals make a visit to your company premises to gain knowledge in regards to your budget and your unique requirements to chalk out a plan that works best for you. As a part of the package, we offer the following IT services to offer an all-round support to your business.

CCTV-DVR Services:

Enhance the safety in your organization today. As we understand that the security is of top priority in any organization or a residential complex, we at VRS Computers install customised, latest, high quality CCTV cameras in Dubai a step towards ensuring safety. Our team of technicians hold an expertise in placing the cameras at the strategic locations for maximum coverage of the premises within the scope of the cameras.

Business Telephone-PABX:

Is your present private telephone line giving trouble? A communication system forms the basis for any organization. To have an uninterrupted and effective communication system in a company we incorporate the latest private business telephone system like the various models of Panasonic PABX for different company sizes.

Biometric Services:

For a secured office premises, have a biometric system installed right away.  We at VRS Computers have years of experience in installing various types of biometric systems to keep a tight leash on the activities in your company. To keep your employees alert and having control over the unauthorized persons from entering into the premises, biometric systems offer the perfect advantage to cover the needs.

Cyber Security Services:

Avail Cyber security services from VRS Computers to keep your data safe. We have partnered with Kaspersky, Symantec antivirus and Cyberoam firewall systems to ensure safety of your data from any cyber attacks whatsoever.

Consulting Services:

Understanding the need of IT consultants for any organization, we offer IT Consulting services to meet the technology needs in any organization. From computer repair to installations, data recovery and backup solutions, our expert IT consultants provide the ideal solution to any kind of IT issues.

Data Recovery Services:

From physical damage of the hard disks to corrupt drives, we offer complete data recovery services to save your data from loss.  We offer guaranteed data recovery services from corrupt hard drives, SSDs, USB drives, CDs/DVDs, optical media and other storage devices.

IT Support Services:

As a part of our IT services, we also offer IT support services to strengthen the operations in your company. We offer diagnostics & troubleshooting, remote customer support, annual maintenance contracts and computer repair services to ensure uninterrupted workflow.

To avail our one and all IT services in Dubai, contact VRS Computers at +971 55 5182748.