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How to Leverage Touch Screens for Retail Applications?

Interactive touch screens offer an engaging shopping experience to customers through the easy touch navigation and vivid display of images.

Point-of-sales and Point-of-information are the two most impactful ways to utilize touch screens at retail outlets. These screens are used by retailers in virtually every industry to increase customer engagement, ranging from brand messaging to increasing sales.

Touch screens are also used as customer service kiosks, providing services like pricing information and checking stock availability for an item. It helps customers to locate items easily and allowing the staff to focus on other customer centric tasks.

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Use of Interactive Touch Screens for Retail Applications

Employment applications: If the company has a large number of employees or is undergoing rapid expansion and growth, a touch screen kiosk can be used to process the employment applications. Touch screens can eliminate the need of manually going through each application. Touch screens are also used for other administrative work, saving time, money and promoting convenience and efficiency.

Drive-Thru food orders: Interactive touch screens are helpful at restaurants where the customers can drive-thru place the order which is conveyed to the kitchen, and customers can directly go to collect the order. It saves time of standing in queue for long hours and streamlines the order delivery system.

Couponing: Offering coupons to repeated customers increases the sales of a business. Customers are often provided with coupons, loyalty points, smart cards after each retail in-store purchase. Interactive touch screen installed at the retail outlet helps customers to swipe their cards and redeem their points on products or perform simple transactions using existing points. They can also use this technology to print out coupons, which have been matched according to their purchase history.

Getting directions and information: Government facilities, municipality centers, shopping malls and university or college campuses are places where the information touch screen kiosks, which provide a detailed map and directions, are exceptionally useful. These can be simultaneously used to display marketing campaigns for the institution/mall.

Product configurations: Interactive touch screens are useful to engage more number of customers by allowing them to share their product requirements. They can be used by customers to share their product requirements like colour, size, packaging, quantity, and other details related to the product. It helps businesses to improvise the products and increase customer satisfaction.  Touch screens can be effectively used to improve revenue, customer satisfaction and brand messaging.

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We offer interactive Touch screen kiosks, multi-touch screens, and LED Touch screens. Our range of touch screens is compatible with USB devices or SD cards to display content.

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