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Common Causes of Paper Jams and How to Fix it

Paper jams are the most commonly faced issue with printers. Even with the most expensive printers, users face such a malfunction.

It becomes frustrating to remove the jammed paper and fix the printer for reuse. Paper jams damage the paper and it is no longer usable. It is a hassle to remove the paper from the printer tray and ensure no remains are stuck in the printer.

Every printer is prone to jams from time to time, but if the problem persists then a remedy needs to be found out.

Printer Repair in Dubai

Common Causes of Paper Jam:

Quality of the paper: Using low-quality paper may save money but eventually, it will cost more for repairing the printer damages. Low-quality paper leaves behind paper dust which can accumulate in the printer and cause problems later. Use good quality paper and ensure it is free of dust and moisture.

Incorrect loading of paper: Loading the paper incorrectly into the printer tray, folds between the papers, and sheets of paper not separated properly often lead to a paper jam. Using old or crumpled papers also leads to a paper jam. To avoid this always use fresh and new paper for the printer. Insert the paper correctly into the printer tray.

Roller damage: Rollers are the mechanisms that pull paper in from the loading tray and to the printer. Over time, these rollers can incur damage and wear that prevent them from functioning properly. Regular maintenance of the printers helps extend the life expectancy of the product and preserves the productivity of the business.

Incompatible paper: There are different weights of paper available. Not all papers are suitable for every printer. It is necessary to check the compatibility of the paper used with the printer. The weight of the paper can vary, but 20 and 24-pound papers are two of the most common weights. Most printers handle these weights with no problems.

Hardware problems: Another major cause of paper jams is due to broken or damaged hardware which is called a mechanism error.

Even if users follow the right moves at times there are chances of experiencing a paper jam. So to avoid this problem it is suggested to follow the printer manufacturer’s instructions and keep the printer functioning.

VRS Technologies is always at the forefront in providing expert Printer Repair Dubai for organisations.

We resolve complex problems of the printers with expertise and ensure a long life for the printers. We deal with any printer issues and provide repair services for all models and brands of printers.

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