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How Many Ways to Use Video Wall for Business Promotions?

Interactive video walls are used in conferences, trade shows, educational events, and various other places.

Video wall technology has made a substantial impact on how information is conveyed in a wide range of event environments.

A variety of video wall technologies are now used in conferences, trade shows, educational settings, and much more.

A video wall primarily consists of a combination of LED screens joined together to form a big screen.

Business promotions include displaying products and services with attractive and engaging images. Video wall rentals are the perfect choice for conducting highly immersive promotional activities.

The large intuitive screen is an instant attraction for an onlooker. The dynamic content creates inquisitiveness among customers and lures them into buying the product.

Video Wall Rental Dubai

How to use Interactive Video Walls for Improving Business Promotions:

  • Video walls must be chosen by considering the business goals. Video walls at exhibitions are useful in helping visitors with the various events scheduled for the day and at the same time display sponsor content with engaging visuals.
  • Another important aspect to consider while choosing a video wall is the size and location of the venue. It helps to determine the appropriate size, brightness, pixel pitch, resolution, and power requirements of the video wall.
  • Optimize the font, videos, audio, and images as per the size of the video wall. Images and text both should be large and clear enough to be easily understood. It is necessary to design the content keeping in view the large screens in mind.
  • Understanding the pixel pitch, viewing distance and screen resolution is key to a solid viewing experience. Pixel pitch refers to the distance from the centre of an LED cluster/pixel to the centre of the next LED cluster/pixel. It is measured in millimetres and directly correlates to the display resolution. Pixel pitch is important in determining the minimum required viewing distance for a clear image.
  • It is necessary to consider the brightness level while choosing a video wall on rent. Based on whether the event is an indoor or outdoor event. The brightness needs to be set based on the time the event is organized. The brightness should be less as direct sunlight might cause a damaging effect while organizing events during the day. A low brightness will provide a better view without straining the viewer’s eyes for night time events.

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