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How Is Panasonic PABX Telephone System Ideal For Your Company?

In multiple occasions, you might have come across operators/receptionists in a company transferring calls to various departments. You might have also witnessed the music playing while the call is being transferred or put on hold. It is basically a PABX system. A PABX system that stands for Private Automated Branch Exchange; is a private medium for managing the incoming and the outgoing calls in a company. A single or multiple public lines are connected to a PABX system of a company, thereby enabling numerous multiple lines within a company to divert calls to various departments. VRS Computers is a reliable provider of PABX telephone system for your businesses or organizations, who essentially deal with Panasonic PABX telephone system to install unparalleled communication system within your company.

Benefits Of Panasonic Pabx Telephone System

Panasonic PABX telephone systems offer a wide range of telephone systems ranging from IP Phone system, Hybrid Phone system, Digital phone system and analog phone system, which are apart from being flexible and manageable in an office environment, are also budget friendly especially, the IP phone systems. The Panasonic hybrid digital system and analog systems when worked in tandem with the IP technology; extend their functionality to provide wireless communication systems within a company.


How Is Ip-Based Pabx System Beneficial Over Traditional Pabx System?

A conventional PABX telephone system ideally routes, transfers, and switches calls within a company through a computer server apart from a console for manual control. On the other hand, an IP based PABX system is an extension of the conventional PBX system, which performs all the functionalities like switching and routing of landline calls, but also handles the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).  While the conventional PABX telephone systemneeds separate lines for data and voice, the IP-based system functions on the data network alone, thereby saving cost.

What Facilities Does A Panasonic Pabx Telephone System Offer?

Applied in the various fields of work beginning with healthcare, education, industry sectors and public administration, the Panasonic PABX telephone system is an effective mode of communication offering the following services –

  • Cordless-cellular compatibility
  • Call center features
  • Caller ID
  • Welcome messages
  • Voice recording
  • Email integration
  • Voice mail
  • Music on hold
  • VOIP phone facility

And much more.

Contact VRS Computers at +971 55 5182748 for having the Panasonic PABX telephone system installed in your company, today.

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