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How Can Latest Touch Screen Rentals Help With Brand Promotion?

We offer a wide range of Touch Screen Rental in Dubai as a part of brand promotion strategies…

With the advancement of technology, the touchscreens are being used immensely for brand building and brand promotion. The marketers are coming up with latest methods for promoting the brands and we have listed below such unique practices which are being implemented to increase the brand loyalty among the prospective customers using the touchscreen technology. At VRS Technologies, we offer a wide range of Touch Screen Rentals for the benefit of the businesses who are interested in promoting their brand value.

Touch Screen Rental

Various brand promotion strategies implemented by marketers, of late

While the marketers are developing engaging strategies to hook up the customers, touchscreens are playing a major role in roping them in for sales conversions through brand promotions.

1. Corporate Storytelling: This is one of the most popular brand promotion strategies being implemented by the marketers, where the touchscreens are used to showcase various photos and stories behind them as a part of building a customer base. The interested customers can interact with such photos and know how the brand has changed their lives and so on.

2. Endless Aisle concept: For the large companies, who have a large product catalog, can adopt the “Endless Aisle” concept where the touchscreens are used to display the most interesting products on the screens. The prospective customers can use touch to interact with the niche products and dive deeper into the information to have a better understanding of the product. Through the endless aisle concept, the customers can benefit from the following advantages
• The customers can have look and feel of the product similar to that of an in-store display.
• The product can be directly delivered at the home with the customer not having to carry it down all the way out of the shopping center.
• Reduces the involvement of the marketing personnel as customers themselves can dig deeper for the information.

3. Mobile Showrooms: The mobile showrooms concept opens doors to a new age marketing where the interactive touchscreen kiosks are set up for the customers to mix and match and customize the products based on their interest or requirement on the available range of products. This kind of kiosks can be set up in showrooms, exhibition, and tradeshows etc.

At VRS Technologies, we offer a wide range of commercial-range touchscreens for kiosks, interactive product catalogs, and many other touchscreen applications for improving the customer engagement for your brand. We offer touchscreens for the following
• Counter-top, wall-mount or in-shelf touchscreens rental
• Mobile touchscreen rental
• Open-frame touchscreen video wall rental

For more information on Interactive Touch Screen Rental Dubai, contact us at +971-55-5182748 or visit our website

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