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Generating business and attracting customers with rental ipads in Dubai

You believe an ipad can generate business and keep your customers engaged? Yes, it is possible by using an ipad kiosk.

The ipad when attached to a kiosk can help you in all the necessary promotional activities of your retail business in Dubai. iPad Rentals in Dubai  can come in handy to you.

iPad Rental Dubai

Collect Job Applications At A Job Fair With Rental Ipads In Dubai:

It’s no surprise business owners look for employees who serve the organization prospectively and not for paychecks alone. ipads can serve the purpose of collecting details of the potent employees at a job fair. The ipads collect applications with the linked in profiles and email addresses attached and the company can make a thorough follow up later.

Gather leads at trade shows:

Trade shows are a good place to gather leads and ipads do it for you. But how? You will have to download an ipad app which allows you to collect the email addresses of the visitors through various fun activities. Once the activity is completed, they can be directed to entering the email addresses or other contact details.

Interactive product design display:

Allowing the customers to customize their own products has become a trend. With an interactive display, they can design their own products. ipad helps the customers to drag and assemble the components together to design their ideal product. It could be the very inspiration for the companies to design customer friendly products.

Customer feedback:

ipad can conduct customer satisfaction survey to understand the soul of the customer. The survey can be made to look very attractive by creating beautiful images. But the simpler is the survey, the more will be the responses. All this is done by downloading the survey app.

Sales video displays:

If you have your own booth, sales videos can be displayed to increase the number of prospective clients. Even at conferences or trade shows they serve the purpose.

We at VRS Technologies in Dubai rent the desired ipads you want at affordable prices with customer friendly services.

For more details on rental ipads contact VRS Technologies at +971 55 5182748 or Email us at

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