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Choosing a genuine IT support company instead of falling prey to scams

IT support schemes are doing rounds quite often. The victim might get a phone call telling him the system is infected with the virus.

Or the potential victim can get a full screen web page claiming several viruses have been detected. Unfortunately, the web page does not even show an option of closing the window, but puts the victim at the need of a technology expert to close it and finally pushing for the tech support.

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Commonly Used Tactics

The user having the average tech knowledge is the targeted victim of the scam. As part of the scam, the phone call can direct the user to the logs on Windows Event Viewer. The logs contain error messages that may be puzzling to the average user whose inexperience is the very incentive for the scammer to trap. The scammer can have certain technical tools scaring the user that the system would be disabled to prevent further spreading of the infection.

On What Basis Victims Are Selected

There is nothing in particular to say if there is any discrimination on who is the target victim of the scam. But as per analysis, the elderly are more affected by these IT support scams. It is not that the elderly are aimed at but are likely to be prone to scams.

Remote Access Gained

Now that the trap has been set, the next step would be to ask the user to download and install a remote access program. This program allows the tech to gain access to the user’s system, thereby taking control over the computer. The user is duped with detection of viruses, key loggers and ransom ware. Finally, an unreasonable sum is demanded. This process could repeat multiple times.

How To Recognize A Scam

Microsoft has its contracts based out of third parties and they do not remote monitor any of their past or current versions. It is good to sense that a call is a sign of the scam.

If not a call, a web page could show up which means it’s the scam threatening you about an infection. No website on any computer can detect any virus at all in fact. Neither does a website have the permission of tracking any malware issue.

What To Do?

Until and unless a genuine problem is detected and initiated by you, it is a scam. Anyone claiming to have detected an issue with your system, either by calling you or popping up an email to you, is to be ignored. Legitimate companies, lending IT support do exist but do not sell their services over the phone or internet with this kind of claims but work on contract basis.

We at VRS Technologies, offer good IT support in Dubai for the good maintenance of your computer. Be it for individual systems or for multiple systems at small or big organizations, we promise to provide the best IT support including Data storage and back-up solutions, Virus/Malware removal.

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