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Firewall Solutions – Different Types of Firewalls – VRS Technologies

firewall solutions

The rapidly emerging digital world has constantly maneuvered itself in bring up new explorations in the cyber activities and in this horizon; one can see a huge upsurge in the major set-backs which is caused due to some unauthorized access to the networks thereby a possibility of higher risks in the systems. In this paradigm, the security becomes a very important element which becomes almost indispensable component for most enterprise organization becomes a very crucial segment.

Approachability To Security Realms

In fact, the deployment of security concerns with firewall solutions becomes the paramount initiative and deploying them one step at a time becomes almost necessary to mitigate both the ongoing and interim threats and persistently enable the intruders away from their encroachments.

Emergence Of Firewall As A Vital Solution

In the recent years, the firewall solutions have emerged as one of the core component in an organization which has been specifically designed to prevent any sorts of untoward incident happening with reference to certain unauthorized access from an intruder or the hacker.

The firewalls, have been gradually improvising it towards being a complete filtering mechanism wherein it persistently filters out certain malicious intrusions that keeps happening which could pose a problem in the internal network system against any intrusion setback.

How Firewalls Have Evolved As A Complete Mechanism For Protection

In fact, there has been a constant and persistent research going on in this field; where there are companies who presume that their data or the database is quite crucial for them. This presumption has always been towards ardently adopting for the finest firewall solutions in place.

One can say that firewalls have been quite instrumental in filtering out the malicious intrusions if any and constantly thrive in to keep the networks clean.

Technical Modalities In A Firewall

The firewall has been designed in the form of either a hardware or the software or a as a blend of both hardware and software together. Depending upon the company’s interim budget, the firewalls can be either software or the hardware one.

In the recent years, the firewalls have been upgraded to even support certain remote access techniques in a private network and securing them from any malicious set-back.

Some Of The Major Players In The Firewall Systems

There are few major players in the firewall systems which have significantly gathered momentum in the consumer market segment towards the implementation, deployment and the eradication mechanisms in firewall systems.

Fortinet Firewall Systems

Fortinet is a multinational company based out in United States and have been constantly embarking on a mission some of its firewall and other products and also bringing about a blend of few other third-party utility vendors to sync together and are quite prescient in bringing about total security solutions to the core networks, remote devices which gets plugged into and the vast cloud computing regime.

They have been constantly working on new variants of firewall solutions, the anti-virus, intrusion prevention and the much debated endpoint security among several other proprietary products that they have brought into the place.

It is estimated that Fortinet has been rated as one of the fourth-largest network security provider company in Forbes by its revenue.

·         How Fortinet firewalls have been instrumental in securing the enterprise network?

The pivotal component for any enterprise organization has always been towards their crucial data and safeguarding them becomes an ardent pre-requisite for them. Often, in the midst of constantly protecting the database that they keep on piling up on a day-to-day basis, they are equally quite prone to the potential disaster by certain malicious intrusions which are perfectly aimed to get hold of these crucial databases.

There also seems to be a compounded risk by the ever-evolving network system which sometimes becomes vulnerable due to the malicious intrusions. At times, one can see that the endpoint systems have often posed the real-time threat.

Types Of Firewalls

Basically, there are two types of firewalls currently available in the market. The types of firewalls which come into the use is broadly defined on the basis of the company structure, their budgetary constraints for the firewall implementation and deployment.

·         Software firewalls

The software firewalls are designated to protect a computer by blocking certain programs from sending and receiving information from a local network or the internet. The software firewall have been in use for bigger companies as the modus operandi for the software firewalls has been towards installing them on a single workstation and so forth with other workstation as well.

The most important criteria of software firewall has been towards the individual licensing for each workstation.

·         Hardware Firewalls

The hardware firewall series has been an apt for small companies in the ecosystem as one single hardware is fairly good enough to handle the entire company’s workstation management.

A new approach: the Fortinet Security fabric

In order to reap the benefit of driving the enterprise to a successful note, the network in the enterprise network needs to be completely secure and the application program that keeps running in the organization needs to get synced well within the organization without any potential havoc.

In this challenging work-force; it becomes very much imperative for the companies to adopt to the growing trend of IT ecosystems in place and one cannot simply rely on the yesteryears protection mechanisms.

Since the malicious intrusions have been constantly evolving themselves, the protection mechanisms have also need to have an increased dynamics to bring in forth the excellent platform for the virus free zone in the networks.

Towards this horizon, the Fortinet Security Fabric has emerged as an smart and intelligent solution framework which is completely built to deliver scalable, interconnected security and the actionable threat intelligence and further brings about an open API (Application Programming Interface) standards

Fortinet Architecture

The Fortinet Security Fabric architecture has been built upon three key attributes.

Broad: The security fabric covers the entire area of problem prone zone such as the endpoints, applications, cloud, and access to certain databases.

·         How endpoint gets secured through Fortinet security fabric

The most crucial component of the network infrastructure is the endpoints and endpoints have become the gateway’s through which different myriad of devices are connected with each other for a varied applications to be executed. The fortinet based forticlient quite easily delivers the easy-to-manage and fully automated, complete customizable end point security for the varied devices.

The Forticlient delivers easy-to-manage, automated, fully customizable endpoint security for a broad set of devices, removing those challenges.

The Fortinet fabric-ready program has been a one-stop-solution to increase the network coverage to the entire premises and allows the enterprise organization to strengthen their internal networks with more devices and constantly increase the existing investments.


Cyberoam as an organization have been persistently focusing in securing the organization with its wide range of product offerings and offers the network security solution for both firewall and UTM appliances), centralized security management (to most of the central security consoles) for both the small office networks and large networks.

How Cyberoam has been ardently able to secure the web application firewall (WAF)?

Moving further, the cyberoam has been vehemently been able to persistently secure the web application firewall or simply put the WAF.  A WAF has been quite instrumental in monitoring, filtering or blocking the data packets by further filtering out as they keep transiting to and from the web applications.

The Cyberoam has even launched its Next-Generation Firewalls/UTM’s) which is purposely aimed to secure the website and the plethora of web-based applications which work for various project demands in an organization. They are able to secure the networks from certain potential attack point such as the SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), URL tampering.

Firewalls have become extremely important component for enterprise organization to profusely secure the internal networks against any cyber threats. VRS Technologies have been the front-runner in initiating the process of implementation and deployment of firewall solutions, please call us at +971-55-5182748 for more details on firewall systems. Please visit our official site at