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CCTV Camera Installation Dubai – Information about IP Cameras

The video surveillance systems in the recent times have been considered as a phenomenal trend to protect some of the threat prone areas. The CCTV camera and some of its core components have tremendously evolving towards its varied areas of functionality.

The vast majority of the consumers today have been apparently opting for IP based security camera’s across the landscape have been apparently deploying the security surveillance to their homes, business or the properties, but seldom people do realize that it could become more complicated when they install the IP based security camera for their specific accomplishment.

In fact, the IP based CCTV camera installation Dubai have constantly been the most simplest way to have the IP cameras to get installed at the said premises with much ease. The IP based CCTV camera installation does involve certain basic understanding of the networking system and thereby following certain simple steps so that these IP cameras can be installed and made to function seamlessly within a fraction of a second.

Dwelling Much About The Ip Camera

The IP camera or the internet protocol camera has been considered as a variant of digital video camera which has emerged in the consumer market with the intention of security surveillance and completely works on the internet protocol system rather than their conventional analog closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, which was predominantly using the wired systems to transmit the video images to the central server.

The IP camera has been ardently been able to send and receive the data in both the formats viz a computer network or the local area network (LAN) or through the wireless local area network (WLAN). These IP based cameras have undergone a tremendous transformation in the last few years and have been able to send video images through wireless to the sensors attached at the receiving end.

Anecdote: The IP cameras have currently available in the consumer market at resolutions from 0.3 (VGA resolution) to 29 megapixels. In fact there has been a marginal shift towards high-definition video resolutions e.g. 720p or 1080i and with 16:9 widescreen format.

Categorization Of Ip Cameras

The IP cameras can be ideally classified into two vital segments:

  • The centralized IP cameras: The centralized IP cameras typically use the NVRs or the Network Video Recorder to manage the recording of the video footage and the alarm management.
  • The decentralized IP cameras: The decentralized IP cameras are the ones which require the third-party tools for the storage and do not really need a dedicated NVR system in place.

The Network Video Recorder a core component of centralized IP cameras

The IP based CCTV camera basically connects through a NVR platform or the network video recorder and the entire IP camera footage is recorded in the HD format with a pixel range of 720 p and 1080 p respectively. The NVR platform have also emerged in the consumer market based on the specific requisites of the consumer and are currently available in the 2k HD or Ultra HD (4k) models and completely based on the budget priorities.

Anecdote: Basically, the NVR systems or the Network Video Record can be considered as a software program that persistently records the footage video in the digital format and are quite capable to store it in the disk drive, USB flash drive, SD memory card or any other mass storage device. As the NVR’s do not have a dedicated hardware to capture the videos, the video recording is being done with a built-in embedded operating system which does the recording.

In the recent times the NVR has been significantly being deployed as one of the masterpieces for IP based video surveillance system for certain mission critical operations in certain defense operations.

The NVR architecture of the CCTV camera

The architecture of the CCTV camera differs predominantly based on the manufacturer’s and could completely depend on the kind of equipment used and the built-in software that is being used for their varied accomplishments.

The architecture uses the master database which is being located on the central control server and all the configuration and the relevant information related to the cameras and NVR/DVRs constitute the installation.

The decentralized mode of IP cameras

The decentralized camera functions completely without an active server component for storage medium. The IP camera in this category has its own recording or functioning and does not require the internal storage medium. They bring about the ability to record the video files on various digital storage media’s such as the Network Attached Storage (NAS), Storage Area Network (SAN), Hard Drive, flash drive and in the recent advancement the Google Drive.

Anecdote: The flash drive is relatively small and enables the storage functionality in the IP cameras, as these flash drives can seamlessly connect to computers and other gadgets through their USB port. As per recent update on the flash drive systems, a typical flash drive can bring about 1 Terabyte or TB of storage capacity.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) take on the IP cameras in the consumer market

In the recent years, one can see a roaring upsurge among the big players in the market who have been completely capitalizing the NAS server devices for both home and business segment using NAS. Surveillance over the IP based CCTV cameras have gained momentum and have become the best sellers in the market. These IP based CCTV cameras have been predominantly implementing the NAS servers for the storage of video data for future retrieval.

The benefits of IP camera for an organization:

  • The IP camera can bring about a finest picture quality: As an analogy one can understand that the IP cameras of today have been designed in such a way that it brings about five to ten times more resolution than the conventional analogue camera. These finest resolutions have always enticed the consumer towards deploying the same at their premises. One can say that, these IP cameras have become instrumental in bringing about the clarity with no distortions or any sort of over pixelated images.
  • IP cameras have been proven to bring about easy access: The technology has emerged at a faster pace these days and IP cameras have become the trend-setters in mapping these technology in place. The user can get to store the real-time camera footage to your desktop’s storage device or the laptops. On the contrary, the video footages can also be live streamed onto a smart-phone device as well with ease.
  • IP cameras are known to bring about the guaranteed security: IP cameras are known to encrypt the video data that is being transmitted to the recipient sensor unit with a 100% security. As a user, you need not have to worry about the internal intricacy of the IP camera’s security console.

The Scope of IP cameras in the emerging technology:

The IP cameras have been greatly evolved itself and have been able to integrate the best of video footages with data from the radio frequency identification (RFID). This particular incorporation have made tremendous progress in the field of security surveillance and are able to bring about the seamless tracking of the movement of goods at the large warehouses.

It goes without mentioning that myriad of users across the landscape be it a home user or the business entrepreneur are constantly on their threshold to protect their territory and so the importance of IP security camera has been a prominent component. VRS Technologies have always been on a forefront, in delivering the state-of-the art technology in IP camera installations. We are the pioneers in the implementation, deployment of IP cameras for organizations, please approach us at VRS Technologies for any new initiative of the CCTV camera installations and call us at +971-55-5182748 for further initiatives.