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Network Storage and Backup Solutions in Dubai

VRS Technologies have constantly been the one-stop solution for network storage and the backup solutions to various business organizations and enterprises in Dubai, UAE.

In today’s highly competitive digital space, the data storage has become one of the core components for any business enterprises, home users, financial institutions and many others who mainly transact with data.

The data have always been prone to certain cyber threats which have become very rampant that, the corporate organizations are constantly at higher risk of losing crucial data. This could further emphasize the need to have strong & meticulous network storage, and the possible Backup solutions, probably this could assist to be safe in certain unanticipated circumstances. VRS Technologies have always played a ptro-active role in understanding the needs of the customer and their growing concerns with reference to the safeguarding and storage of the data in Dubai, UAE.

Embarrassing Scenarios of data threat in PC’s

  • In certain scenario, the hard drives in the PC’s that are connected to large network may not be secured for loner time, as the hard disk may get corrupted or damage causing threats may crash the entire hard disk at once.
  • buffalloEven, at times if you use an external hard drive to back up data from your pc, the external hard drive may not be adequate enough to sustain for a pretty long time.
  • As these external hard drives become functional only when the PC is booted and turned off, the data within the external hard drive becomes unreachable.

Our Objectives at VRS

Our objective ever remains delivering seamless protection to your data and enabling the storage of these data onto the Network Attached Storage (NAS), in Dubai, UAE. Our team incorporates a diverse line of products as its offerings. Hence we are able to handle high amounts of storage and Backup solutions securely and at ease.

Strategic Partnerships with Buffalo America, Inc.

VRS Technologies have a strategic partnership with Buffalo America Inc., which brings about the finest storage solutions across business enterprises in Dubai, UAE.

  • We have partnered with Buffalo NAS, to ensure the excellent network storage.
  • The network storage is carried out with 100% accuracy along with constant backup with the server.
  • Buffalo NAS has always been on the edge of having the data storage and constant backup from multiple users, who are connected to the network.
  • VRS’s range of Buffalo NAS has been very compatible with the PC and Mac machines.
  • We offer network solutions which features next-generation appliances for high-end solutions.
  • We constantly strive hard to streamline the IT infrastructure through our wide range of technology tools.
  • These technology tools always put its emphasis upon the application security, network access over the Wireless LAN.

When you are looking out for an efficient network storage and the backup solutions, please call on +971-55-5182748 / 052-7468085, our expert professionals would revert back to you at once, who would be able to cater specific needs.


NAS for Home & Small Office

Terrastation Terrastation 3000 Terrastation 5000 Terrastation 7000
Capacity Range 2-16 TB 4-16 TB 2-32 TB 8-72 TB
Capacity Range 1-6 TB 2-8 TB 2-12TB 2-8TB
Performance 41.5 MB/s 73 MB/s upto 76 MB/s 100 MB/s
CPU 600 MHz 800 MHz 1.6 GHz 1.2 GHz
Memory 64 MB DDR2 256 MB DDR3 256 MB DDR3 512 MB DDR3
USB Accessory Port
Active Directory
Suitable Uses Home Home Home/small office Home/small office
Buffalo NAS system


For users with sophisticated storage requirement Storage Area Network is the ultimate choice. It consist of iSCSI solution which is affordable and cheaper than Fiber channel systems. These network storage solutions come with backup, recovery and archiving solution which is an added benefit of this service.

Terrastation Terrastation 3000 Terrastation 5000 Terrastation 7000
Capacity Range 2-16 TB 4-16 TB 2-32 TB 8-72 TB
Hard Drive
Desktop: 2, 4
Desktop:2,4,6,8 Rackmount:4 Rackmount:4,12
CPU 800 MHz Dual
Issue ARM
1.3 GHz Dual
Core ARM
Intel Atom Processor ( Upto 2.13 GHz Dual Core) Intel Xenon Processor E3-1275 (Upto 3.4 GHz Quad core)
Software System Terrastation NAS system Terrastation NAS system Terrastation NAS system Terrastation NAS system
Memory Upto 512 MB DDR2 1 GB DDR3 2 GB DDR3 Upto 8 GB DDR3
Device Failover support
iSCSI support
Video Surveillance Management Upto 5 cameras Upto 10 cameras Upto 50 cameras
Antivirus Support


Terrastation Pro WSS Terrastation 5000 WSS\
Capacity Range 2-12 TB 4-24 TB
Hard Drive Configuration Desktop:2,4,6 Rackmount:4 Desktop:2,4,6 Rackmount:4
CPU Intel Atom Processor D510 (1.66 GHz Dual Core) Intel Atom Processor ( Upto 2.13 GHz Dual Core)
Software System Windows storage server 2008 R2 Windows storage server 2012 R2
Memory 2 GB DDR2 4 GB DDR3
iSCSI Target/Initiator

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