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CCTV Spy Cameras Dubai, Installation, Maintenance and AMC

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Installing spy cameras in Dubai is made easy by VRS Technologies with latest equipment and quality fitting and maintenance round the clock.

Advantages Of CCTV Spy Cameras:

• Secures home/ business

• Property less likely to be attacked by vandals

• Reduce retail thefts

• Provides a safe working environment

• Provides warning in advance

• Eliminate fraudulent insurance claims

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CCTV Spy Camera Solutions:

The spy cameras film, record and transmit footage and with the advancements in current technology, we can now watch a live feed from a remote location by integrating spy cameras with the desktop or mobile devices.

Our CCTV Services Offered:

• Timely maintenance of the spy cameras by experienced technicians.

• Systematic analysis of the cameras before installation

• Best deals and branded products offered.

Features of SPY Cameras:

• Remote surveillance 24/7

• Night vision can also monitor in pitch darkness

• Live feed & recording.

• Data stored at an offsite location

• Motion sensors enabled cameras

• Face recognition

• DVR health monitoring

• Virtual monitoring

• SMS/Mail Notification on system errors

VRS Technologies provides you automated alerts which notify the owner in case of a system CCTV Spy Cameras malfunction or motion detection during odd hours.