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Why to Use Video Walls in Tradeshows and Exhibits?

Exhibiting at a trade show can be a great way to advertise to a large market and create brand awareness. However with the ramming competition around, a poor promotion can mean the costs of participating in the trade show outweigh any revenue you gain. The video wall plays to be an instrumental tool to cut through the clutter and create an impeccable lasting impression in the minds of the possible prospects leading to a butterfly effect in terms of sales generating a significantly much larger outcome.

VRS Technologies LLC has been a pioneer in LED Video Wall Rental Dubai, UAE and continues to engage its esteemed customers with end to end implementation which incorporates product detailing through creative content ending up in enticing their viewers in best possible way.

Video Wall Rental Dubai

Benefits of video Wall Rental:

• Encaptivate your potential customers: Video walls are a bank of monitor screens put together to obtain a unified display visual. With enamelling pixel quality and vivid colors it projects the brightest messages and greatest visibility, instantly enrapturing the attention of the audience passing by. This imbibes in them with the everlasting visuals of your brand value which intern prompts them to take the buying decision instantly.

• Flexibility: With flexible and varied range of video wall configurations with rental solutions, makes it easy to be integrated into you booth. The technical team of VRS will assist you on the appropriate arrangement of video wall to entail a significant impact on the viewers.

• Optimal Pixel Pitch Settings: Our vibrant technical team takes care of the advanced technical features of the video wall. We will assist you in directing you with the best pixel pitch for optimal viewing in various settings. Pixel pitch refers to the distance between the centers of one LED cluster to the next in mm and is directly correlated to the display resolution. It is a key to a solid viewing experience and an important aspect in determining the minimum required distance for a clear image.

• Gather signage data and improvise marketing strategies: The greatest advantage of digital signage and video walls over print based trade show displays is that the signage itself can be used to gather information. Our creative support team provides with apt software to collect information from the digital signage to test if an ad is effective and to track who’s engaging with the wall. The information can be used to make tailored ads for the targeted audience, possibly ensuring to draw more customers to your business.

• Implementing Interactive video walls: We provide the facility to display your content in a more intimidating way to make a great end-user experience and enhance engagement with the audience. You can implement interactivity into a video wall, either by using a touch display or via an application on a mobile device that augments the content.

Is your trade show season on the go? For one stop solution you can reach us at VRS Technologies LLC for rendering Video wall rental solutions in Dubai. For more info visit our website –

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