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Why is Video Walls the Best Display Systems?

Video Walls are the latest entrants in the field of advertising, army, education, analytics, banking, control rooms, and many more. Though they are heavy on pockets for a businessman, the video wall rentals make it feasible for the probable users to deploy them for their gigs. Unlike the projectors or large screen TVs, they are a collection of display screens, each connected to a powerful backend system to work as a whole. Video Wall Rental Dubai.

How are Video Walls different from Single Screens?

Imagine the backdrop of a museum, which has a large video wall set up that pictures a dinosaur. Apart from the inviting picture of the extinct dinosaur on the display screen, they also intend to present the timings of the various events and shows in the museum, without so much as disturbing the image resolution of the dinosaur. This can be done with video walls as each display screen can be separately controlled. The video walls give the users the opportunity to display their creativity by running multiple functionalities at the same time. Like, in this instance, text and image can be displayed on separate screens without disturbing the resolution of each other. The same is not possible with the large single TV screens.

The scope of Video Walls

The deployment of video walls has become so extensive that only the sky is the limit. One can see the video walls installed in museums, sports arenas, stadiums, airports, concert halls, galleries, and public places as well.

How are Video Walls different from Projectors

Projectors are probably the cheapest display screens for running commercials or setting up relevant images in an event. However, when it comes to brightness or higher resolutions, the video walls are unbeatable. Even if it is for video wall rental, in case you have the budget, they make a far superior choice than a projector. Unlike the projectors which are single screens with a homogenous resolution, adding each display screen to a video wall only enhance the resolution.

The video walls have an edge over the TVs and Projectors in the following aspects:

  • Higher resolutions
  • Powerful processing
  • Higher Brightness
  • Interactive
  • Flexible Size and Shape
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Resilient and Reliable

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