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Which is the Best TV Technology – OLED vs. QLED?

The latest technologies have been introduced in Television for the best viewing experience. It is making the buyer a little confused about which technology to choose for. The two premium technologies which are competing these days are OLED and QLED. Let us discuss in detail what the difference between these two technologies is and which one to choose when buying a television. VRS Technologies is one of the market leaders in LED and LCD TV Rental in Dubai.

LCD TV Rental Dubai

Pros of OLED TV technology:

• OLED ( Organic light-emitting diode) is a technology that uses a carbon film and conductors to pass current and emit light. This light is emitted on a pixel by pixel basis which produces a bright-colored pixel beside a black colored pixel without impacting each other.
• The panels of OLED are comparatively thinner than traditional LED or LCD televisions which provide wider viewing angles. These thin panels also help to decrease the response times which gives a supreme quick image without any delay.

Cons of OLED TV Technology:

• OLED TV panels are more susceptible to image retention like that of our old fashioned Plasma TVs. Though this is not a very major disadvantage and it has been worked out by the TV manufacturers.
• The blue organic material used in OLEDs brings down the life period of the TV and also has more moisture retention which also reduces the life span.
• The manufacturing cost of OLEDs is much higher and the size in which an OLED TV comes is not as per the requirement of the customer.

LED TV Rental Dubai

Pros of QLED TV technology:

• QLED ( Quantum dot light-emitting diode ) is the very latest technology in the Television industry which uses small Qantas or dots to emit light. These dots give a bright display when compared to other technologies.
• Quantum dots are moisture-resistant and hence increases the lifetime of your TV.
• AS other technologies use the vacuum evaporation process they cost more whereas in QLEDs the quantum dots act as the vacuum evaporators and hence reduces the cost drastically.
• QLED TVs are available in all sizes which satisfies the requirements of the customers.
• QLED TVs are twice more power-efficient than OLEDs hence they have lower power consumption.
• QLEDs are not susceptible to burn-ins like in OLEDs.

Cons of QLED TV Technology:

• QLED technology uses a backlight unit for emitting light as they can not produce their own light.
• QLEDs show more light bleed when compared to other technologies that blur the sharp lines around some bright objects which reduces the Viewing experience for the viewer.
• Less saturated blues.
• The viewing angle in QLED TVs is the dead center and when the viewing angle has changed the quality of the picture diminishes.

Final Verdict:

When compared to OLED TV technology the QLEDs give maximum viewing experience than any other technologies. The cost being less with a great picture quality QLED TVs have high demand when compared to OLED TVs.
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