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Which is the Best Samsung LED TV? Why Choose Samsung?

LED technology has created a buzz in the field of television. It brings forth the best viewing experience with thin designs, high-definition screen display, Dolby sound, and clear and crisp images.

The market is flooded with many brands, models, and sizes of LED TVs to choose from. The specifications, price, and quality all are different for each brand.

Samsung, a world leader in LED technology, offers advanced technology LED TVs for the best viewing experience.

What to look for before Choosing a Samsung LED TV?

Resolution: The display resolution depends on the size of the TV screen and the distance from which we watch the TV. It is available in two variants, HD ready and Full HD. The HD ready supports 720p resolution and the Full HD supports 1020p resolution.

LED TV Rental Dubai

Smart LED TV: A smart LED TV allows users to view online video streaming, online games, apps, and social networking. In a normal LED TV users can watch TV channels from the set-top box, connect a USB device, and watch the content stored on a laptop or PC.

Sound Quality: The sound quality in a LED TV can be enhanced using external speakers or check for features such as Digital Dolby Plus, Surround Sound, Bass Reflex, Built-in Woofer, etc.

Best Samsung LED TVs:-

Samsung 32 inches 32J4003 HD Ready LED TV:

  •         Features: HD Ready Resolution
  •         Dual 5W speakers with Dolby Digital Sound and 10w output.
  •         60 Hz refresh rate
  •         2 HDMI ports, 1 USB port, RGB cable, Audio Video cable, Audio out, and RF connectivity

Samsung 32 inches 32M5100 Basic Smart Full HD LED TV:

  •         Bluetooth connectivity, connect a mobile phone or Bluetooth headset.
  •         Full HD resolution and wide colour enhancer
  •         Supports phone mirroring
  •         Screen capture to capture TV screenshots
  •         Bluetooth, 2 HDMI ports, 1 USB port, RGB cable, Audio Video cable
  •         50 Hz refresh rate
  •         Dual speaker and 10 W output

Samsung 32 inches 32K5300 Full HD LED Smart TV:

  •         Wi-Fi internet connectivity
  •         Screen mirroring
  •         Sound mirroring
  •         Full HD with hyperreal picture engine
  •         Bluetooth Wi-Fi connectivity, 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports, RGB cable, Audio Video cable, Audio Out, and RF connectivity input
  •         20w Dolby digital plus audio

The above models of Samsung LED TVs are the top three models. Along with these, there are various other models to choose according to our choice and budget.

VRS Technologies is the top provider of high-quality LED TVs of all brands and models. We have a huge inventory of all variants of Samsung LED TV Rental Dubai

Visit and avail the latest LED TV to enhance your viewing experience.

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