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Which is a Better Gaming Laptop: MSI or HP?

Owning a high-end gaming laptop is the dream of every gamer who wants a thrilling and engaging experience.

Gaming laptops are becoming powerful with each passing year. New features and technologies are included to give an immersive experience to gamers.

Gaming laptops provide mobility and excellent performance with all the exclusive features available on a gaming PC.

MSI vs HP Gaming Laptop:

Design and construction: Both laptops have aluminium lids and plastic bottoms. MSI is thinner and lighter than its HP counterpart. MSI is a better option in terms of dimensions and weight. MSI has a SteelSeries Keyboard that is great for typing and gaming. The per-key RGB backlight is programmable by the dedicated MSI app. MSI has small ventilation grills whereas HP has a big air intake grill with fans. The hot air is blown from the back of both machines.

Gaming Laptop Rental Dubai

Display: Both the gaming laptops have great view angles. As for brightness, MSI is edging HP with 35 nits. MSI has a brightness of 376 whereas HP offers 343 nits. Both the laptops are safe on the eyes. They are using PWM for adjusting the brightness but flickers are with very high frequencies. It is safe to use for a longer duration without any eye strain.

Battery: MSI has a longer battery life for playing high-performance gaming as compared to the HP laptop.

Gaming performance: MSI is the trusted name in gaming laptops. With minimal differences in the FPS both the laptops stand out in terms of providing an engaging gaming experience. MSI gives an HD display for gaming lovers. It offers a real game feel.

From the above points we can conclude that MSI is a better gaming laptop as compared to HP.

MSI has a higher refresh rate, it can run popular games at about 60% higher FPS, 67% better multi-core CPU performance, and provides 17% higher max screen brightness.

Gaming laptops are expensive to buy. Rental gaming laptops are an easy and flexible option for avid gamers.

The gaming laptop rentals are cost-effective and allow users to select from the latest and updated gaming laptops.

VRS Technologies offers high-end gaming laptops for gaming tournaments, avid gamers, and events. Our Gaming Laptop Rental Dubai is flexible and cost-effective.

We offer customised gaming laptops with all the necessary specifications as per customer requirements.

Our expert technicians ensure the laptops are fully functional to provide a highly immersive experience while playing the games.

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